Whether it’s their bouncing around, their noises, or their adorable appearance, the slimes rule in Slime Rancher. Getting to discover and play with them is what makes playing so fun. These ten, in my opinion, are some of the best. Not all of these slimes are immediately available in-game, so I highly recommend you come back to this list after you discover them for yourself!

As a reminder, this list is basic slimes ONLY– I didn’t include special slimes, Gordo slimes, alternate skins, or Largos from Slime Rancher. I based the following list on aesthetics mostly, but I did take the characters’ sounds and behavior into account as well.

Boom Slime

These red little carnivorous slimes may be dangerous to get close to, but it’s that dangerous explosion that makes them so cute. Boom Slimes bumble around like the others, but they have a unique quality– they blow up! They always look so shocked after they do so that it’s almost like they didn’t realize they held all that power in their small shells. There’s something so cute about this disoriented glare that makes these slimes so endearing.

Pink Slime

These slimes can get a little frustrating in overabundance, but they make up for it in their sweet smiles! The nice thing about these slimes is that, unlike many of the others, they aren’t picky eaters. It’s a joy to watch them gleefully chow down on any treat you give them! This makes them the perfect slimes to be greeted by when first starting your journey in the game.

Rad Slime

There’s something about the glow and chipper expression of these slimes that makes them adorable. They seem so eager to please, almost like they’re the puppy dogs of Slime Rancher. Their simple design somehow gives off an approachable nature that contradicts the damage your player will take near them! All of these things make them seem, well, rad!

Hunter Slime

As the resident raccoon-like critters of the slime world, these guys can be just as sneaky at charming their way onto this list. These characters are very reminiscent of those infamous trash pandas as well as someone who is eager for a wholesome game of hide and seek! Their hard to find nature definitely makes seeing them in the wild more enjoyable and fun!

Phosphor Slime

Literal lightning bugs exist in the world of Slime Rancher! It’s so precious to see these guys dart around the world at night. They’re quite easy to find, almost like the real thing on a hot summer night– what a joy! Their color palette and cute little smiles make these critters something to look forward to! Don’t forget to keep them in a dark place so they can truly shine!

Tabby Slime

I just want to give these slimes all the scratching posts and tuna bites they could dream of! If you’re a cat person, these slimes are an easy favorite! They definitely capture the adorable essence of the creatures that are their namesake. Just don’t forget to keep them well fed, otherwise you might find yourself “feline” like you’re about to get on their bad side.

Dervish Slime

These slimes are literal spinning tops. Their chaotic cuteness makes them so endearing that you almost have to forgive them for the chaotic tornadoes they leave in their wake. All they want to do is bounce around and look adorable. They’re such a joy to discover!

Honey Slime

I may be biased due to my enthusiasm towards the honeycomb pattern, but these slimes are possibly my favorite in Slime Rancher. I love the design of their little eyes, and their design captures the delicious condiment in such a perfect way. Their golden color makes finding them such a regal joy! The queen bee would be very proud!

Mosaic Slime

The icon for these slimes reminds me of a Betta fish, and this makes them immediately get five stars. While their in-game presence is much less reminiscent of those gorgeous and feisty marine pals, they are just as stunning as the fish are. They feature such a happy, shiny, and bright design that these joyful slimes cannot be missed.

Puddle Slime

Puddle slimes have easily earned their title of most adorable slime in Slime Rancher. Not only is their simple blue and bubbly appearance joyful, but they have adorable eyes. They even make the cutest noise when placing them into their native pond habitat– a feature that makes them stand out in the best of ways. I don’t think anyone can look at this little face and not crack a smile!

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