We finally have it guys! The long-awaited sequel to Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 has finally been released and with every sequel, there must come enhancements, upgrades, and new features alongside it. Lets discus 10 reasons why Spider-Man 2 is a better game than its predecessor.


In the first game, Insomniac managed to deliver with great villains like Rhino, Electro, Shocker, Vulture, and especially Doctor Octopus. In Spider-Man 2 the threat level has risen with villains like Mysterio, Sandman, Kraven the Hunter, and most important of all Venom have arrived to challenge our heroes. Testing not only their might but also their resolve.

Boss Battles

Boss battles in Spiderman 2 have received a massive rework. Insomniac has managed to add more visually stunning set pieces to the fights but also increase the scale, quality, and difficulty of the fights. Adding a health bar and fazes to the fights will keep anyone playing at the edge of their seat.


Insomniac has truly outdone themselves with the fantastic costume selection in the sequel. With a whopping 39 suits each at launch for Peter and Miles. Suits that are taken directly from the films and the comic books, alongside brand new originals made directly from Insomniac. Now the hard part for us players is picking which suit we want to wear at any given moment in the game.

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Side Quest

The side quest in Spider-Man 2 has seen a nice improvement. Of course, active crimes have returned but instead of only fighting criminals and stopping cars you may have to stop a bus from exploding or even take an injured civilian to the nearest ambulance. Some side quests are continuations of previous ones seen in the first two games and even some with new plotlines. Even slower missions manage to add a more somber and emotional element to the game. letting us see a different side to our friendly neighborhood Spider-Men.


The map size has seen a significant upgrade since the last two games. Not only has Manhattan seen a visual boost with the PlayStation 5 But the map has doubled by adding Queens and Brooklyn as playable areas in the city. Sometimes you may want to leave the skyscrapers and visit the neighborhoods, the schools, or even a trip to Coney Island.


A lot of games now are making a good habit of trying to make their games accusable and and help personalize their experience. Spiderman 2 does this in many ways, one of them being is allowing players to adjust the visuals to their liking. letting us choose the graphics mode, and change many game settings like enemy health, enemy damage, parry window, game speed, swinging difficulty, and even fall damage. these are very much appreciated additions to the game that will improve many players’ experience.

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Combat in Spiderman 2 has improved. Miles gains new blue bio-electric abilities and Peter has created new spider arms with his new advanced suit alongside access to the symbiote and its powers. With the duo more capable than ever they can also work together and pull off duel flashy tag downs in combat.


With a story that not only continues what was set up at the end of the previous games, Insomniac manages to expand upon famous comic book plotlines but with a fresh new coat of paint. Insomniac manages to embrace everything we love about the Spider-Man character without fear of being original with their approach to the story. Seeing the partner and mentorship of Miles and Peter, the introduction of Harry Osborn into the story, and also the first ever telling of the black suit storyline in this universe of Spider-Man.


When there comes a new Spider-Man game there must also come great traversal. After creating a great swinging system in the first two games Insomniac has improved upon it by increasing the speed and adding many new tricks to look good while exploring. Also, both Spider-Men have access to the web wings that let you quickly glide across the city at incredible speeds. after traversing in Spiderman 2 for a couple of hours it may be a hard process to replay the old games after.

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Two Spider-Men

Unlike the previous installments, you are not limited to only one Spider-Man per game. This time around we get full access and options to play as Peter Parker or Miles Morales. outside of specific story missions and side quests the players are allowed to play as their favorite wall-crawler whenever they please. I know the choice is hard.

Greater. Together

Marvel Spider-Man 2 is an outstanding game and in every way finds a way to surpass the first game. All I can truly is Insomniac has done it again. Please do yourself a favor and experience all the improvements and additions made to this game for yourself. Experience the story of Peter Parker and Miles Morales and be greater together.

Marvel Spider-Man 2 is currently available on PlayStation 5

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