If you are anything like us, WWE rumors are just as fun as the matches and storylines themselves. Fans everywhere love to talk about who is getting the next push, who is getting buried, or which surprise appearance might be next.

In this ongoing feature, we will detail all the latest WWE rumors circulating the internet. Feel free to yell at us about them in the comments. Enjoy!

Note to reader: It should go without saying, but these are all rumors. Absolutely, positively nothing that follows is guaranteed to be true in any way. In fact, everything you’re about to read could be hilariously false. Like the WWE itself, wrestling rumors are for entertainment and fun, and should not be taken overly seriously by anyone. Ever.

1. Natalya has a Few Months left on her WWE Contract

In the past few months, we’ve learned of many stars with deals running out soon. You can add another name to that list, and it is the longest tenured female wrestler on the roster. Could Natalya really be on the move?

There’s supposedly been no talks between the two sides on an extension. So if it is true, there is a real possibility that Natalya could leave WWE. Which would be so weird as many saw her as a lifer in that company to potentially transition into a coaching role.

Time will tell what happens, but this is something to keep an eye on in the next few months.

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2. Seth Rollins Taking Time Off To Heal Knee/Back Injuries

Rewatching WrestleMania 40 in both days, you can tell that Rollins is nowhere near 100% as he was limping all over the place. It has been known that Rollins has been battling back issues, but he also picked up a knee injury a few months ago as well. Rollins is rumored to be taking some time and while many point to the contract situation being the main culprit, it is rumored to be more of a injury reason then a contract reason as to why Rollins is taking time off along with his wife Becky Lynch.

3. The Rock May Be Open to Defending His People’s Championship Belt

The Rock is clearly taking time of of television due to filming a movie, and because he’s the Rock. However, with the promo he cut on Cody Rhodes, it is clear the two plan to have a match in the future. Whether it is at SummerSlam, Survivor Series, a Saudi Arabia Show, or even WrestleMania 41, time will tell. But when it happens, the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship may not be the only title on the line.

Remember the totally real and not made up People’s Championship Belt that The Rock has been holding. Yes, there have rumored talks that The Rock’s eventual match against Cody Rhodes will be a title vs title match featuring the People’s Championship vs the WWE Universal title. That is interesting and could create multiple storyline routes for WWE to take in this feud.

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4. Erick Rowan Possibly Returning To WWE?

It is clear that WWE plans to have Uncle Howdy return to WWE television. There are so many teases that were done throughout WWE TV and even at the end of the Bray Wyatt documentary. Many names have been rumored to be involved in this story, but there has been one notable name that has signaled that he may return to the company. His name is Erick Rowan.

What happened was Erick Rowan has notably pulled out of multiple independent bookings and ECPW publicly reveled that.

The words that stand out is “new contractual obligations” which means that a big company could have signed him to a contract. Which company is not clear, but a lot of people have speculated that he is WWE bound and is going to be a part of Uncle Howdy’s new faction.

It does make sense, as Rowan was apart of the Wyatt Family faction and it would be a great add for him to be a part of Uncle Howdy. Also, this is not the first time Rowan was rumored to return as remember the whole Wyatt 6 faction, it was originally rumored to have Rowan in it.

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Only time will tell of Rowan will be a part of WWE soon, but its a telling sign that Rowan has got a long term contract with a company and that is awesome. Good for Erick Rowan.

5. WWE Is Trying To Re-Establish NXT As The Third Brand in the WWE Draft

WWE is on a mission to once again re-establish NXT as the third brand since Vince McMahon originally blew it up and turned it into NXT 2.0. With Vince McMahon gone, Triple H has retaken the reigns. it is now rumored that the main plan with the WWE Draft is to build NXT back up as the third main brand to WWE. The plan is for Raw and Smackdown Superstars to also be taken by NXT During the draft.

That is a very cool idea and if this is true, lets just say I trust Triple H more than Vince McMahon when it comes to the handling of NXT. Especially with Shawn Michaels who is his right hand man.

What do you think about today’s WWE rumors? Which ones are you convinced will come true? Which are complete garbage that should have never been put to (virtual) paper? Let us know in the comments. And be sure to check out all of our WWE content here!

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