If you are anything like us, WWE rumors are just as fun as the matches and storylines themselves. Fans everywhere love to talk about who is getting the next push, who is getting buried, or which surprise appearance might be next.

In this ongoing feature, we will detail all the latest WWE rumors circulating the internet. Feel free to yell at us about them in the comments. Enjoy!

Note to reader: It should go without saying, but these are all rumors. Absolutely, positively nothing that follows is guaranteed to be true in any way. In fact, everything you’re about to read could be hilariously false. Like the WWE itself, wrestling rumors are for entertainment and fun, and should not be taken overly seriously by anyone. Ever.

Chad Gable’s Contract is About To Expire

With it entering the end of the month, it has often been rumored that contracts are expected to expire at this time. Two notable names ae WWE Superstar Natalya and Becky Lynch. Well now there is a few more names added to the contract expired list. One notable name is Chad Gable.

This caught me out of nowhere hearing this news as Gable turned heel and has been in a feud with Sami Zayn the past few weeks. If someone is pushed this level and there contract is expiring is such a strange move, unless it was a tactic for Gable to sign a new deal with the company.

Honestly I hope this rumor is true and Chad Gable leaves to join another company. He has been poorly booked since American Alpha got broken up. Remember when WWE tried rebranding him as Shorty G. It was so embarrassing and I am surprised he was not on the cut list during the pandemic or he requested his release from the company.

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The Alpha Academy stuff is solid storytelling and he was getting over in the feud with Gunther. He should have been the one that beat Gunther at WrestleMania, but WWE decided to give that win to Sami Zayn. This heel turn is legit his best work ever, but if his contract expires, then that will be such a disappointing way to end his heel turn.

If I wee to guess what happens, I think he signs a new deal, but it would not shock me if he doesn’t. Especially knowing how badly utilized and booked he had been through most of his career in WWE.

Chad Gable BTW is not the only name rumored to have his contract expire…

Dijak Contract is also about to expire.

That’s right, it is also being rumored that Dijak’s contract is about to expire soon as well. This one is not as big as Chad Gable’s potential contract expiring, but it is an issue as he was drafted in the recent WWE Draft. Then again Odyssy Jones was drafted to raw many years ago and we have not seen him since.

Dijak has had a roller coaster career with WWE as he was up as Dominik Djakovic during the Black and Gold era of NXT, but he had a gigantic fall when he was a part of that disgraceful Retribution faction. One of the worst factions in WWE history. He was rebranded as Dijak in the Shawn Michaels NXT Era and he was one of the more intriguing parts of the show.

The rumor of his deal being up surprises me. if I was to guess, I think Dijak will sign a new contract with WWE. After all Triple H and others in that company clearly see something in him or like the man personally. They could have easily gotten rid of him after the absolute horrendous Retribution faction was a flop.

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Time will tell what happens, but Dijak could be on the market as a free agent soon.

WWE Potentially Planning To Make Royal Rumble a 2 Night Show As Well In The Future

If you were to tell me WWE was going to do two night shows, I would have responded saying thank goodness. WWE Shows were running way too long and thank goodness that WWE made WrestleMania 2 days. It has already been announced that SummerSlam is following that route in 2026, however they may not be the last PPV.

According to a few reports it is heavily being rumored that WWE is planning to do 2 night shows with the Royal Rumble as well. Not anytime soon as there experimenting with SummerSlam going 2 nights, but if it does well, then the plan is to do Royal Rumble for 2 nights in either 2027 or 2028.

Honestly, this is more of a predictable rumor, as lets be real if WWE is going to make Summer Slam a 2 night show, with 2 rumbles, don’t be shocked if that gets announced in the future. It all depends on how that show in 2026 goes because if it succeeds then don’t be surprised if Royal Rumble gets it and heck maybe even Money In The Bank.

The Alleged Minimum WWE Main Roster Salary

This rumor is both super interesting as it gives us an insight on what our favorite WWE Pro Wrestlers make money wise. According to thw Wrestling Observer Newsletter they reported on this. Excluding the fourtune that a lot of top names make in WWE, the minimum amount of money a wrestler makes as a main roster employee is well in the 6 figure range.

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Number wise it was reported to be 350 thousand dollars a year. I hope that this is true or that the amount of money that they make is more, because they absolutely deserve it. Especially with how there body is effected and being on the road away from there families, they deserve it.

Ethan Page rumored to still be a Free Agent

Ethan Page recently debuted in NXT and he was made to look dominant. Which I was happy for because AEW did not book or utilize him well and was relegated to Ring of Honor at the end of his tenure there. However something interesting of note is that it is rumored that he is still a free agent and hasn’t signed with anybody yet.

Which is super interesting if true. I say if true, because I doubt that Ethan Page would show up on NXT unless he has signed with WWE. Or even TNA with Jordynne Grace now showing up in NXT as a TNA Champion. Time will tell where Page will be long term, but I think that Ethan Page has strictly signed with WWE.

What do you think about today’s WWE rumors? Which ones are you convinced will come true? Which are complete garbage that should have never been put to (virtual) paper? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter, And be sure to check out all of our WWE content here!

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