Yesterday one off the best episodes of Friday Night Smackdown was made and it had so many great moments. However during the show, something super bizarre happened. It was rumored that 3 pro wrestlers parted ways with the company. Unfortunately those rumors turned out to be true as WWE made a total of 3 releases yesterday during Smackdown. Lets go through the 3 departures from the company.

Jinder Mahal

This one is the most shocking releases on the board. Mainly because it was originally reported that Jinder Mahal had actually quit the company. Mahal even tweeted the following below during Smackdown

It was pretty much confirmed to not be a story as Mahal has since changed his bio on social media.

Jinder Mahal’s secound tenure with WWE went a lot better then his first tenure. Heck he is a former WWE champion and no matter what you can say, you can’t take that away from him. Mahal also won the US Championship.

However when 2021 hit it all came crashing down. Remember that Indus Sher group he had with Veer and Shanky, that was terrible. Then for the next few years Mahal did not do much.

The last thing I remember Mahal doing was being a bait in for The Rock’s return to WWE. Remember when WWE had marketed the latest Raw and had “rumors” lead that a “former WWE Champion” would be appearing on the show.[Mahal was revealed as the champion in question, but then The Rock appeared and beat up Mahal.

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Mahal was getting a lot of buzz and hype after this, but WWE failed to capitalize on it. Mahal did challenge for Seth Rollins title, but he lost and was not used much after that.

As for where Jinder Mahal goes, it will be interesting. There is no chance that Jinder will go to AEW as Tony Khan and him clearly got heat with each other for the comments regarding Hook. The Independent Wrestling Scene would be interesting in a Matt Cardona Style Tenure, but him in TNA would be cool too.

UPDATE: While this article was uploading it was announced that Veer Mahaan and Sanga the rest of the Indus Sher tag team has been released as well. Remember when Veer had all those hype videos of him coming to Raw, man what a waste of time those were.

Xia Li

I don’t want to be rude, but I legit forgot that Xia Li was still employed with WWE. Xia Li from the beginning got called up way too early and got lost in the shuffle in the main roster. Which is a shame, because Xia Li in NXT and in the Mae Young Classic was super impressive. Xia Li was constantly on the Main Event show and it was no longer an if, but when she gets released.

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Xia Li did tweet a statement and she stated the following below.

That just sucks it did not work out in WWE. She easily would get picked up by another company once her non compete is over. Xia Li in TNA would be really cool as TNA has a very good women’s wrestling division. Even in New Japan too would be cool. Wherever Xia decides to go, I will be intrigued with because she is very solid in the ring, but it just never worked with her in WWE.

Xyon Quinn

Remember when Xyon Quinn was drafted as a Free Agent during the 2023 WWE Draft? Yeah, I still do and they did absolutley nothing with him. Quinn was not that great in NXT either and the only thing I can remember him doing was having a feud with Santos Escobar. In fact he has been with the WWE since 2018 and I am surprised he was not released last year when Endeavor bought in.

Now where does Xyon Quinn go will be interesting. To me, If I were to guess, I think Ring Of Honor would be a really interesting place for him to sign to. After all AEW has Xyon Quinn’s wife Harley Cameron under contract. I can really see Tony Khan bringing him in and putting him on there ROH brand, along with pairing him with Cameron.

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No matter what thought, it sucks when anybody looses there jobs. Especially in this scenario and hopefully Xyon Quinn, Xia Li, and Jinder Mahal get a new role in wrestling quick once there 90 day non competes are over. Hopefully there will be no more releases announced in the future.

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