WWE Backlash is today and this will take place in Lyon Metropolis, France. This is really cool because this is an international PPV and I can’t remember the last time France had a WWE PPV. But with every PPV WWE Holds I am going to make predictions for every match that has been confirmed. Lets get into it with WWE Backlash France.

Cody Rhodes vs AJ Styles for the Undisputed WWE Championship

Easiest prediction in this PPV. Cody Rhodes is not losing this match, he’s gonna hold this title for awhile until The Rock and Roman Reigns return. Those that think AJ Styles are winning, really need to get themselves checked. I love AJ Styles, but this is just filler for Cody Rhodes the next few months. It should be a good match because AJ Styles is one of the best in WWE today, but he won’t win.

Bayley vs Naomi vs Tiffany Stratton

Ohhh here is an interesting matchup. i have really liked how WWE have been booking/building these three. Bayley winning the title at Mania was the right choice. Naomi has been super fun and cool since she returned. Tiffany Stratton is one of there best young women’s wrestlers in the company and WWE really has something in her.

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This has to be a Bayley win. It would be too early for her to drop the belt and there are plenty of stories that WWE can build with her in the next few months.

No matter what though, Naomi has to take the pin in this match. Tiffany Stratton should not as she is going to be a tremendous star and the feud between her and Bayley can continue for the next few months.

Damian Priest vs Jey Uso

Look I love Jey Uso and I think he should hold a singles belt soon, but it won’t be the World Heavyweight Championship. While the Judgment Day have had some bad luck with Rhea Ripley and Dominik Mysterio being injured, there gonna need to have Priest hold that title for a bit. It is too early for him to drop the belt and there is money that can be made with Damian Priest as the champion. Plus I think him and Finn Balor in a match at SummerSlam would be really interesting.

The Kabuki Warriors (Auska and Kairi Sane) vs Bianca Belair and Jade Cargill for the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships

Out of all the matches confirmed so far, this is the one I really could care less about. I like the Kabuki Warriors and Bianca Belair & Jade Cargill, but I just really am not interested in the Womens Tag Team matches. In fact I legit can’t name another women’s tag team in WWE right now without looking it up on Google. Am I wrong for saying that?

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As for this match, I have to say Bianca Belair and Jade Cargill win. I was not that big of a fan of Jade Cargill, by with the way WWE has booked her, it all but seems like shes gonna get gold on her waist. She is still a little green in the ring, but in the tag team with Bianca it will help her adapt to WWE. Cargill has not lost since being a part of the Royal Rumble match, so keep the streak going with her.

The Bloodline (Solo Sikoa and Tama Tonga) vs Randy Orton and Kevin Owens

Another easy pick here. It would make no sense to have Solo Sikoa and Tama Tonga loose this match. After all Solo Sikoa is the leader of the group with Rock and Roman Reigns on hiatus. He needs to look strong in this match. Who needs to look dominant is Tama Tonga who has been booked like a monster.

I wonder if Jacob Fatu makes his debut in this PPV. He has recently signed with WWE and was recently seen at the WWE Headquarters. If I were to predict, I think that he shows up at this PPV. Would it shock me if he doesn’t? No, but I think its more likely then not that he appears.

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So those are my predictions for Backlash in France. My question is do you agree? What are your predictions for this PPV. Let me know in the comment section and don’t forget to like the article along with checking out the rest of our content,

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