WWE 2K23 is about to release soon and I am super excited to finally play this game. The Rosters Ratings have already been released and I thought as a hype-up for the game I would give the Top 10 Highest Rated Pro Wrestlers. So let’s get right into the list and start with the number 10.

10. John Cena (94 Overall)

Oh, come on. I get why John Cena’s overall is 94 overall and I am glad it is in the 90 range, but his rating should be higher. In fact, I believe that whoever is on the cover should at least be in the Top 3 or 5 overall in the game. It is ridiculous that the guy who is on the cover (Or at least I think he is? I don’t know I really can’t see him, what are your thoughts?) barely makes the Top 10 of the overall ratings.

9. Hulk Hogan 02 (94 Overall)

Say what you want about Hulk Hogan but he is one of the greatest pro wrestlers in Pro Wrestling History. I find it interesting how they have the 2002 version of Hulk Hogan in the game and not the 80’s/90’s version of Hogan. I won’t complain as Hulk Hogan was very over in WWE at that time and it will be fun to play him in the game.

8. Charlotte Flair (94 Overall)

Woohoo! Charlotte Flair yet again has a 90 overall rating. While many call her overrated, and I get why, but you can’t deny how talented and great as a heel she is in WWE. If it is face Flair, I would not rank her above 90 in my opinion as she is terrible as a face.

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7. The Undertaker (95 Overall)

I will never complain about the Undertaker having a high rating. So many great memories he made for wrestling fans and I am glad to yet again play his character. I wonder if he will be involved with the Cena story mode in WWE 2K23.

6. Bianca Belair (95 Overall)

Fun Fact: Bianca Belair is my favorite WWE female superstar today. She is so great in the ring and is a great talker on the microphone. The current WWE Raw Women’s Champion has been getting better and better with how she has wrestled. She well deserves the high rating and honestly, I am a bit surprised that she is not higher than Becky Lynch.

5. Stone Cold Steve Austin (96 Overall)

If you’re happy Stone Cold Steve Austin has a 96 overall rating, give me a hell yeah! Stone Cold was the face of WWE during the Attitude Era and I’m glad I can play with him in the game. Along with stunning pro wrestlers in the game as well. I wonder if in a future DLC that they will have the WrestleMania 38 Version of Austin.

4. The Rock (96 Overall)

You have to include The Rock in this game, especially in the Cena Mode. They had a long-term feud with each other. Especially in the famed “Once In a Lifetime” match at WrestleMania 28. Then doing “Twice in a Lifetime” by having a rematch in WrestleMania 29, basically duping and lying to us all with how they marketed/booked that match in Mania 28. If Rock is not in that mode, then I would be so perplexed.

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3. Becky Lynch (96 Overall)

I would still prefer Bianca Belair to have the higher overall rating, but at the same time, I was not surprised that Becky Lynch got it. She is still such a talented wrestler and when booked right she is legit unstoppable in the ring. Currently, she is in a tag team with WWE Legend Lita, which I don’t mind that much, but at the same time, I really am not a fan of the Women’s Tag Team Championships and am shocked they are still around.

2. Brock Lesnar (97 Overall)

This rating for Brock Lesnar is super fair and I bet it will be in the 90s for many more years to come. I always love watching Brock compete, whether it is in UFC or WWE. By the way, Farmer Brock Lesnar is the freaking best and I hope this is his character for a few more months. I just wished he had a better WrestleMania match because I am not a fan of Omos. I mean for a guy his size he is pretty talented, but I am not a fan of his character, he does not have the greatest promo (Which is why they have MVP as his manager), and he is not the greatest in the ring.

1. Roman Reigns (99 Overall)

No debate here as Roman Reigns has easily been the best pro wrestler in WWE today. The Bloodline story has been the greatest story WWE has told in many years and Reigns is one reason why. He is the tribal chief and it is clear that WWE 2K23 is acknowledging him with his 99 overall rating.

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So those are the Top 100 highest-rated overall pro wrestlers in WWE 2K23. What are your reactions to this? Do you agree with these ratings? If not who would you include in the Top 10?

WWE 2K23 will be released on March 17th, 2022 for PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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