WWE 2K23 has a lot of wrestlers and arena’s that can be unlocked across its various modes. That is the case again in the My Rise modes in WWE 2K23. In the Legacy part of My Rise it focuses on an up-and-coming female pro wrestler trying to make her way in the WWE. When looking at The Lock, it will focusing on a male pro wrestler rookie. In total there are a total of 14 arena’s and 5 playable wrestlers (3 for one person) that are unlockable in the My Rise modes. I will be going through every single unlockable thing in all of the My Rise modes and how to unlock them.

Every Unlockable Superstar


Ezekiel storyline wise was WWE Superstar’s Elias’s brother. In reality it was just Elias with his beard shaved off. It was a nonsense story when it was made, but I can’t deny that a lot of people loved this story. You can unlock Ezekiel if you complete the “Showcase of the Immorals” in The Lock. Keep in mind that you need to progress through the story and once you can build your own faction, complete all the loyalty missions until the one with Cena is available.

Molly Holly

This one is the easiest one to unlock. If you just want Molly Holly, well complete the entire The Legacy mode. That’s it. Pretty Simple.

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Molly Holly ’02

Molly Holly in 2002 can be unlockable if you finish the “Mats from the Past” storyline in The Legacy. Keep in mind in order to trigger this is by choosing the “Molly Holly” option when speaking with Kayla Braxton about Justine’s legacy in the mode.

Mighty Molly

Mighty Molly is my favorite version of Molly Holly. I mean I loved every version of Molly Holly excluding that terrible “Right to Censor” gimmick/group. She made the superhero gimmick work along with The Hurricane. If you want to unlock Mighty Molly, you need to complete “A Mighty Insult” storyline. Important to note that this storyline is triggered by responding to a DM from The Hurricane because of course. That DM will show up after completing “The Face of the Company” storyline.

 Jean-Paul Levesque

Wow shocked that Jean-Paul Levesque is playable in the game. Of course the person playing this is Triple H and this character did not work well in WCW. I mean he tried as Hunter Hearst Helmsley in WWE, but he really did not catch on until he joined DX and Chyna became his manager. To unlock Jean-Paul Levesque you have to complete the “The Monarchy” storyline. This gets triggered by responding to a DM from Tavish after completing “Uncaged Indies” and once that is done, congrats you unlocked it.

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Every Unlockable Arena

Raw 2002 Arena – You Must Complete the “Unforgettable Debut” storyline in The Legacy in order to unlock this arena.

WWE Live Arena – Complete the “It’s A-Live!!!!” Storyline in The Legacy

High School Gym – Justine Battle Royal Arena – Complete the “The Justine Charity Battle Royal” storyline in The Legacy.

LAW Arena – Complete the “More Money, More Bank” storyline in The Legacy.

Arena Estatal Arena – Complete the “International Language of Friendship” storyline in The Legacy.

Japan Hall – Joshi Japan Arena – Complete the “International Language of Friendship” storyline in The Legacy.

Wrestlemania – MyRISE Arena – Complete The Legacy

Motion Capture Studio Arena – Complete the “One Bad Decision After Another” storyline in The Lock.

Club U.K. Arena – Complete the “A Lot to Unpack” storyline in The Lock.

Japan Dome Arena – Complete the “Apex Tournament” storyline in The Lock.

Japan Hall Arena – Complete the “Apex Tournament” storyline in The Lock.

Mexico Plaza Arena – Complete the “A Hairy Situation” storyline in The Lock.

SummerSlam – MyRISE Arena – Complete The Lock

WarGames – MyRISE Arena – Complete The Lock

So that is all the unlockable in the My Rise modes. It looks like a lot, but it is not too challenging to unlock every single thing in this modes. It did not take me too long and legit took me 2 nights to complete all of them. However I would take my time and enjoy the modes, which I always do with every game. Now that you know what to do, it is your job to unlock them all.

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WWE 2K23 is available to play now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One & Series X|S.

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