It’s been 2 months since the release of World of Warcraft: Dragonflight. With plenty of time for all players to reach the new level cap of level 70, we’re going to look at 9 things you can do once you hit level 70.

Finishing the Leveling Campaign:

World of Warcraft: Dragonflight

If you’re a bit of a completionist, you might have hit the cap of level 70 before you finished the leveling campaign. Unfortunately, in order to progress in the story, it is required you finish the storyline for all zones on the Dragon Isles. 

With the new leveling phasing system, that allows zones to scale to you, each zone will still be an appropriate challenge for you to complete.

However, side quests are not included, only the main campaign quests. You can still go back later and complete the side quests in the other zones for your Loremaster of the Dragon Isles achievement.

Begin the Level 70 Story Campaign:

With the leveling campaign complete, you can now progress the story to the level 70 campaign. While not all branches are unlocked as of the date of writing, you can still do a fair bit of progression in the story. 

It continues to follow the tale of the Dragon Aspects still attempting to regain their lost power from World of Warcraft: Cataclysm after they gave up their power to the Dragon Soul to defeat Deathwing.

What awaits the Aspects is up for the player characters to discover and unfold. Though some of the quest lines are locked behind renown with all the new friends you have discovered along your adventures in the Dragon Isles.

Iskaara Tuskarr Fishing Holes:

While leveling up, with both the main campaign and some side quests, you should have Renown 4 unlocked with the Iskaara Tuskarr. This grants you the ‘Fishing Holes’ reward, unlocking these spots throughout the Dragon Isles. 

These fishing spots offer you lots of Iskaara Tuskarr reputation. In exchange for handing in 20 of each type of fish available in the base profession of fishing, you are granted 200 renown on the first hand-in but only 5 on the subsequent hand-ins. These fishing areas spawn pools of each type of base Dragon Isles fish in the vicinity in order to help towards this goal.

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Key Farming:

During the main story quest, you reunite with the ever-loved Wrathion and encounter a new black dragon, claiming to be his older brother, Sabellian. After you complete their questline, you must wait for level 70 to be able to gain more favor with them.

Every week, you can choose to gain favor with Wrathion or Sabellian that week. You can alternate who you gain favor with each week, after completing the ‘Allegiance to One!’ World Quest. 

Then you can kill elite mobs around the Obsidian Citadel to gain key frames and key fragments. You need 3 Key Framings and 30 Key Fragments to combine into an Obsidian Key.

Once you have a key, you can hand it into either Wrathion or Sabellian (whoever you have sworn allegiance to this week!) to gain reputation as well as obtain a chest to gain some items to turn into rep for other factions, and rarely, a piece of gear.

Primal Storms:

Just like with the pre-patch to Dragonflight, the expansion also has Primal Storms that occur randomly throughout the Dragon Isles when you hit level 70.

There are usually plenty of Custom Groups farming the current Primal Storm in their realms, and you can easily help out no matter what your item level. 

After killing a few mobs, you should get an item called ‘Elemental Overflow’ which should start a quest called ‘Supporting The Storm Researchers’. After handing it in to an NPC in Valdrakken called Mythressa (38.1 37.6), you unlock the currency with which you can buy 359 gear. Her companion; Rethelshi, will have a quest called ‘Storm Surge’. which rewards yet another currency: “Storm Sigil”s. These can be used to upgrade Mythressa’s 359 gear up to item level 385.

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Ruby Feast Questline:

One of the things that unlock when you hit level 70 is a very unique storyline in Valdrakken; The Ruby Feast. You can find an area tucked away just around the corner from the main hub of the city which seems to offer a random side quest. The reward from this questline, however, grants you one of the easiest cooking recipes in Dragonflight.

It takes you on a tour around the Dragon Isles, having you pick up ingredients for the Rumi and Chef Morsel. And at the end, after doing 5 separate quests daily, you’ll get your final reward!

‘What a Long Sweet Trip it Has Been’ grants you the recipe you need to make a tasty feast!

You can still sample the plethora of food you helped the dragon make on your journey, even if you have deleted your previous rewards from your bags.

World Quests:

World of Warcraft is quite well known for its end-game content – especially world quests which see end-game players returning to their beloved leveling zones for a myriad of different tasks each day.

This is where Dragonflight parts from the previous expansions. Instead of refreshing world quests every day, they refresh every 3 days. This allows ample time for every type of player to complete all their world quests before the next batch appears!

Like most world quests from previous expansions, the rewards vary from gold to gear to bonus reputation with the factions of the Dragon Isles.

Weekly Events:

What is new to World of Warcraft: Dragonflight, however, is the introduction of weekly events. While these events occur daily and can offer multiple rewards per completion – you want to do these events at least once a week for their big first-time complete reward!

Grand Hunts are an event where you are charged with hunting in a certain area of the Dragon Isles by the Maruuk Centaur. You unlock these once you reach Renown 5 with the faction. 

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The Siege of Dragonbane Keep occurs in the Waking Shores and unlocks after you reach Renown 5 with the Valdrakken Accord.

Then there are the Community Feasts! These are located within Iskaara in the Azure Plains and are unlocked at Renown 3 with the Iskaara Tuskarr and occur every 3 hours!

Each event and its rewards contain a mix of various gear, mounts, pets, recipes, and reputation!

Weekly Dungeon Quests:

Another new feature of Dragonflight is the new NPCs that offer you weekly quests to do certain dungeons.

Across from the building where you hand in Elemental Overflow, there is the Azure Archives Annex. Inside there are two NPCs, Theldren and Kemora – who both grant you a single quest for a random Dragonflight dungeon.

They require you to venture into the dungeons and kill the last boss to pick up an item. In return, you gain 100 Dragon Isle supplies as well as being able to gain 250 reputation with all of the Dragonflight factions.

After you’ve done both quests, they will only reset after your region’s weekly reset day and then you can pick them up again for another reputation boost each week.

As you can see, the latest expansion is packed with content and these 9 things to do at level 70 are just the beginning of the Dragon Isles end-game content. For the first time in World of Warcraft history, the developers have provided us with a roadmap for what’s to come!

World of Warcraft: Dragonflight is available now on PC and Mac.

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