World of Warcraft: Dragonflight just got it’s 10.1.7 update, and Dreamsurges have been introduced to the Dragon Isles! These events are a quick and fun way to gather gear for alts, level alts, or pick up a few collection items. Let’s go through how to start them, what they are, and the rewards you can get!

What are Dreamsurges?

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Dreamsurges appear on a weekly rotation in one of the Dragon Isles zones in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight, excluding Zaralek Caverns. They’re unlocked after completing a short story questline which can be automatically picked up in Valdrakken. If you happen to miss the quest upon logging in, the starting quest can be received from Shandris Feathermoon at the stairs leading to the Seat of the Aspects in Valdrakken.

Once you’ve completed the intro, you can head to the zone in Dragonflight with the Dreamsurge active. A green icon will appear on the zone which is currently being affected by the Surge. You’ll find three NPCs located at the green icon on the map: a gear vendor, a collectible vendor, and a zone-wide upgrade NPC. The upgrades can be voted on by players while the Surge is on cooldown. After the 30-minute voting window, a red firey portal will appear on the map indicating a Waking Dream event. Waking Dreams will spawn enemies to kill until the event bar has filled up. Once full, a boss mob will spawn and drop some of the Surge loot, along with a unique item. More on that later!

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After the Waking Dream portal is closed, the voting cycle starts again. While voting is happening and the portal is down, players can fly around the zone and collect green orbs for Dreamsurge Coalescence. Furthermore, players can find small Waking Dream portals with elite enemies as their bosses. These small portals drop the same rewards as the bigger event bosses.

Dreamsurge Coalescence is the currency used for the catch-up gear and collectibles. Once per week, players can obtain a Dreamsurge Crysalis by completing the event. This Crysalis is used to purchase stronger gear than the regular gear pieces from the event vendors.

Zone Buffs

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Zone buffs exist in each zone affected by a Dreamsurge in Dragonflight. These buffs provide a baseline experience bonus to characters questing through that zone. World Quests will also provide rewards like Dreamsurge Coalescence as long as it’s within a Surge zone. Furthermore, players can vote on zone-wide buffs to provide different effects. Some of these effects are quite unique!

Rares can become empowered once players vote on the zone buff required to empower them. Surge Empowered Rares will drop gear related to the event, like Dreamsurge Coalescence. They will also spawn much faster than they normally do!

Another cool buff is a small Faerie Dragon that follows you around and provides many helpful services that you’d only find in capital cities. This little guy can allow you to repair gear, sell items, access your bank, transmog, and even reach the auction house!

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Two vendors will flank Naralex wherever the Surge is active. These vendors are some familiar faces for veteran players: Archdruid Hamuul Runetotem and Celestine of the Harvest! Those Dreamsurge Chrysalises can be given to Runetotem for greater gear upgrades. He only vendors those greater gear upgrades. All the fun stuff is sold by Celestine.

Celestine offers basic gear upgrades alongside collectible items. These basic upgrades are helpful for players looking to gear alts faster than raiding or mythics now that the season is coming to its close. As far as collectibles are concerned, she offers the following items:

  • Duskwing Ohuna – Mount – 1000 Dreamsurge Coalescence
  • Crimson Swoglet – Battle pet – 250 Dreamsurge Coalescence
  • Cheddar – Battle pet – 250 Dreamsurge Coalescence
  • Dreamsurge Remnant – Toy – 500 Dreamsurge Coalescence
  • Friendsurge Defenders – Toy – 500 Dreamsurge Coalescence

None of the rewards rotate with the weekly zone changes. Thankfully, it’s really easy to gather Dreamsurge Coalescence if you feel like flying around a zone for a couple of hours. I was able to gather every collectible by flying around for an afternoon.

The only achievement from this event comes from completing the story intro quest and your first Dreamsurge event quest from Runetotem. This achievement counts toward the 10.1.0 meta achievement which was also added during this patch.

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Now, here’s a cool secret mount you can gather from Waking Dreams. Remember those boss mobs from the big event portals every 30 minutes? There’s a chance that they can drop Charred Elemental Remains. Once you get 20 of them, you can combine them into a Renewed Magmammoth mount! These Remains are easily farmed if you’re able to get consistent kills on the boss.

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Final Thoughts

Dreamsurges are a great piece of content for casual players and hardcore Dragonflight players alike! There’s a good catch-up system in place for alt players and it’s really easy to gather event currency for collectibles. On top of all that, the introduction story questline is quite interesting! Stay tuned for the announcement of 10.2.0 and in the meantime, farm some Charred Elemental Remains or level a couple of classes through the Surges. Good luck out there!

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