Diana Prince, DC’s Themysciran Princess, will star in Monolith’s Wonder Woman game.

Originally announced in 2021 at the Game Awards, WB Games promises this new Wonder Woman game will be a “single-player open-world action” game about one of DC’s most beloved heroines. WB Games and Monolith also stated that it will “introduce an original story set in the DC Universe,” so we won’t expect it to be a movie tie-in and much more akin to what Insomniac Games did with Spider-Man. An original story told within that hero’s respective universe that honors the character but branches off and creates a strong narrative for the player to immerse themselves in and have a unique experience.

It’s worth noting that Monolith, the studio behind two of the best Lord of the Rings games ever made, did announce that it’ll feature their Nemesis system, a unique storytelling device they developed for their Lord of the Rings game that hasn’t been featured in a game since 2017’s Shadow of War. The Nemesis system offers an interesting way for the player to experience the story giving a unique approach to a vengeance and retribution gameplay system all while reacting to the choices and enemies you make. Utilizing this device in a Wonder Woman game will give the players a game they could truly craft on their own and have each experience different from the other.

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While we haven’t heard anything about Wonder Woman since its original announcement, with Summer Games Fest around the corner, there is some anticipation for the studio to give us an official first look at some gameplay.

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