The Walking Dead: Destinies game has been officially released, and I couldn’t be more thrilled about its availability. As the game downloads onto my PlayStation, I’ve taken the opportunity to compile a wishlist of elements I hope to experience within this game. After some consideration, I’ve condensed my list to the top five things I’m eager to witness in The Walking Dead: Destinies.

5. Give Us an Option to Save Andrea When the Farm Horde Hits

This has always been a significant ‘what if’ scenario in the TV series: What if the group made the decision to go back and find Andrea? I’m hopeful that this choice can be explored in the game to see the potential outcomes. I’m particularly interested in the possibility of choosing Shane to lead the group and altering relationship dynamics from Lori to Andrea. Often overlooked is the brief relationship moment between Shane and Andrea in the show. It would be intriguing to witness the consequences of such a decision in the game.

4. Let Herschel Leave the Group if Shane is the Leader

I just hope that Herschel just does not follow Shane immediately once the choice of Rick being out of the picture is a thing. In the story of the TV Series it would not make a lot of sense for Herschel to want any part of Shane with how much of a loose cannon he is. I get that the situation would be dire with the Farm gone, but I think it would make much more sense if Shane was the top guy Herschel, Maggie, Beth and Glenn would all make the move to part ways with the group.

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3. Choose Fort Benning over CDC

This is something unique that I have always wondered about. Remember in Season 1 where the group had two options, whether to go to the CDC (Rick’s Side) or to go to Fort Benning (Shane’s Idea). The show showed the CDC side and while it was revealed that Fort Benning got overrun with Walkers, I wonder what if the group decided to go to Fort Benning immediately instead of going to the CDC. That needs to be explored in the game.

2. The Game Should End When the Prison Arc Ends

It has been stated that the game is going to take place during Seasons 1-4 of the TV Series, which I think is a great time frame to play. However, it will be interesting to see at what part in Season 4 the game will end. In my opinion, this game must conclude the moment the Prison plotline ends. The second half of Season 4 of The Walking Dead was super boring, and I have no interest in playing that in this game. The perfect way to conclude the game is when the Prison gets destroyed, as that would be the highlight moment in Season 4 for this game to have a satisfying ending.

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1. The Game Needs Many, Many Improvements

Maybe its because I have PTSD from that Survival Instinct game, but AMC when it comes to there involvement in video games are not to be trusted 100%. So for my number 1 wish, it will be on wanting AMC actually cares about this game and that it won’t be a cash grab. I want the gameplay to be fun, the story make sense, and the graphics to be solid. Only time will tell and I am going to give AMC this last chance.

If it is a cash grab, mark my words, I will never ever buy another game affiliated with AMC ever again. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. If I get fooled one more time I will for sure not make it a 3rd time that I am fooled.

So, those are my 5 wishes that are on my wish list in this game. My question is what are the 5 wishes that you have for the game? Let me know in the comment section and don’t forget to give the article a like as well.

Walking Dead Destinies will release digitally on November 17 for PC, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. Physical versions will launch in December 2023.

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