Right off the bat Warcraft Arclight Rumble looks like a reskin of Clash Royale Side-by-side the maps look strikingly similar and the game in general shares a number of similarities. Visually it’s the same game but with a Warcraft Re-skin. The developers definitely took note of the success of Supercell games and put their own twist on Arclight Rumble . They may look indistinguishable from one another but there is contrast.

Contrast Through Gameplay, not so much through Asset or Artwork

One of the main differences here is that Warcraft Arclight Rumble is a tower offense while Clash Royale is a tower defense. Tower offense is truly an innovative gameplay mechanic and a fresh alternative to the popular tower defense genre. Warcraft Arclight Rumble boasts a massive single-player campaign with dungeons and raids, over 70 missions, and dedicated PvP daily missions to boot as well!

There are over 60 Warcraft-themed mini-figures to collect. Some are classic heroes and some villains such as Grommash Hellscream or Baron Rivendare. In each match, there is usually one leader followed by six minis. You can upgrade your minis to unlock new skills with experience points and each mini has its own unique abilities with customizable talents. There are 5 armies to choose from such as Alliance, Beast, Horde, BlackRock, and Undead. This will add a strong variety of different playstyles and with minis, the developers really improved on the card system.

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It will be a blast to build your army and there is enough variation that the game will never get old.

The Warcraft high fantasy theme is much more appealing than the bland Supercell theme, but, Blizzard is capitalizing on the cartoon style that dominates most of the mobile gaming market. The cinematic trailer really highlights this. Games like Boom Beach and Clash of Clans are notorious for this cartoony art style.

One pressing question that fans have is, is the game going to be pay-to-win? Blizzard is pretty upfront about not scaring players off. There will be a coin system in place as the main currency and you can purchase coins with real money or earn them in-game. Go for the grind or save some time, instead of paying to win it’s a grind to win.

All Supercell games are pay-to-win and that’s how the company makes its money. Free-to-play players get the short end of the stick.

Activision Blizzard really had the right idea for tapping into this market. With all of the tower defense games out there they knew exactly what they were doing, this is its major push into mobile gaming.

The game is more than just a reskin, it’s a Warcraft game. Activision Blizzard worked very hard on making a quality product. You can see it in the game’s overall design. From the art to the gameplay, even the sound effects are Warcraft. Some mechanics may have been copied and pasted but that doesn’t mean it’s a simple reskin.

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You can pre-register now for a chance to be included in beta tests and receive the latest information. Limited closed beta testing is now available in Australia. It’s the first region to take part in the closed beta and the closed beta will be coming to select regions soon.

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