A story line that will leave you with goosebumps and graphics that will make you forget it’s a game; Diablo 4 has brought mesmerizing features and riveting archetypes to The Mortal Realm.

The Diablo franchise has grown in success and glory, but what makes the newest version better than its predecessor? Some would argue everything, others would say nothing; I am here to settle some water. With questionable graphics and controversial game play, Diablo 3 handed Diablo 4, center stage. This article will break down why with an inescapable argument.

Immersive and specialized classes

One warrior from each class

Imagine, the path you lead alters your destiny. In Diablo 4, the class you select and the choices you make will guide you through the game. You will have able to choose between 5 classes; Barbarian, Necromancer, Druid, Sorcerer, and Rogue. Clearly, there are less options than previously in Diablo 3; however, each player has more control. With the ability have the change to customize and grow their character everyone can create their own story.

What This Means…

Each character will have a skill tree that can be added to as the game progresses. There are a variety of different skills that will work better with many different player preferences. This is were the choices you make, really matter; so make sure to be strategic and know your personal strengths. Additionally, within combat you have an evade power, specifically useful for classes with faulty mobility.

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Stellar graphics, helpful changes, …and more

Player on a mount with image of map

Diablo 4 brings a dark and eerie energy to Sanctuary, as well as a more expansive map. The map has randomized landmarks and towns along the journey and dungeons are more predictable making it easier to farm them quicker that previously in Diablo 3. Because of the large, open map, players can activate fast travel in certain areas. Plus, you can unlock a mount to get around a more efficiently.

Legendary upgrades

Guess what? The Mystic from Diablo 3 has been revamped, and is called the Occultist; bringing an array of better legendary items. The Occultist offers more options for customization, with the ability to choose a legendary aspect from one object and attach it to another.

Paragon levels and a multiplayer option

Diablo 4 Battle Co-Op

Finally, local co-op is available and paragon levels are back. Now, in Diablo 4 instead of only having online multiplayer mode, you can play locally, with split-screen. This will make it much easier to team up with friends. In addition, there is a solo-multiplayer mode which will allow you to play with other people on an open server.

As for Paragon levels, each level might not give you a large bonus, but a build of small gain can make you merely unstoppable. And think about it… not everyone will have a cap of level 70 anymore; so you can show your true ability and know how you really compare to other players.

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Diablo 4 keeps looking better

Diablo 4 classes with logo

Hopefully, I was able to clearly explain why Diablo 4 outranks Diablo 3; not only in terms of game play, but the graphics and storyline as well. Each player is able to traverse Sanctuary freely with numerous battles along that way; and you will get to know some of the townspeople along the way. Well, what are you waiting for? Get the a copy of Diablo 4 and start playing today!

Diablo 4 is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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