Ahsoka has concluded after eight action-packed episodes. While Disney has yet to renew the series for a second season, it’s clear from the show’s cliffhanger finale that there’s still more to Ahsoka Tano’s story in the Star Wars universe. Although she and her apprentice, Sabine Wren, successfully reunited with their long-lost friend Ezra Bridger, by the end of the series, it came at a huge price: the return of Grand Admiral Thrawn. Now, it’s up to Ahsoka and friends to take him down once more.

Before Ahsoka arrived, Thrawn was last seen at the end of Star Wars: Rebels. During the final episode, Ezra sought help from the purrgil in order to cast Thrawn into the Unknown Regions of the galaxy. The risky move resulted in Ezra disappearing into space as well. The pair were thought to have died, but when rumors surfaced that Thrawn was still alive, Ahsoka and Sabine hoped that meant Ezra was, too.

Their theory proved to be right. While they were able to find Ezra, their search also resulted in the reemergence of Thrawn. Now that both Thrawn and Ezra are back in action, it’s clear they’ll both play a huge part in the future of the Star Wars universe. If you’re unfamiliar with Rebels, you might be wondering, who is Ezra Bridger anyway? Let me give a brief explainer of the fan-favorite character.

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Who Is Ezra Bridger in Star Wars: Rebels?

At the beginning of Star Wars: Rebels, Ezra is introduced as a 15-year-old Force-sensitive boy living on the planet Lothal. He was born on the same day the Galactic Empire rose to power. After Lothal fell under Imperial territory, Ezra’s parents, Mira and Ephraim, began to speak out against the Empire, which led to them getting imprisoned. They tried to escape and reunite with their son, but they were sadly killed, leaving Ezra an orphan. Ezra then became a con artist in order to survive.

Ater meeting Jedi Kanan Jarrus, Ezra became part of the Rebel Alliance in order to take down the Empire. Ezra befriends Kanan and the rest of his crew, including Hera Syndulla, Sabine Wren, Garazeb Orrelios, and Chopper. He also becomes a powerful Jedi who eventually frees Lothal from the Empire’s rule. Although Ezra succeeded in saving his home planet, it led to him being cast off into the Unknown Regions of space with Thrawn.

Who Is Ezra Bridger in Ahsoka?

In Ahsoka, we learn that Ezra has been living on a desolate planet called Peridea, which exists in an entirely different galaxy than Lothal. Over the years, Ezra made himself a new home on Peridea by living among the Noti, which are friendly crab-like creatures. He protects the Noti as if they were his own family. Since Ezra has been without his lightsaber for a long time, he’s able to hold his own in fights using only his Force abilities.

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Although Ahsoka and Sabine successfully reunite with Ezra, their reunion is short-lived after the pair get stranged on Peridea, while Ezra returns to his home galaxy by hitching a ride on Thrawn’s Star Destroyer, the Chimaera. The Ahsoka finale teased that Ezra would team up with Hera and Chopper to get Ahsoka and Sabine back home.

Ahsoka is now streaming on Disney+.

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