If you’ve heard anything about gaming in the last month, you’ve probably heard about Grand Theft Auto VI. The upcoming title from Rockstar Games is the successor to literally one of the most popular and engrossing games of all time, the aptly named GTA V. But of course, one of the biggest things on players’ minds is who they’ll play as in the new title.

gta vi gta 6 grand theft auto six

No game is complete without a good cast of characters, and the GTA series is no exception. Judging by the footage of the GTA VI trailer—which despite releasing only a month ago as of my writing this, already has over 100 million views on YouTube—we know the main character is a woman known as Lucia, and that we may potentially be able to play as her boyfriend, Jason, as well.

gta vi gta 6 grand theft auto six

Hype around the game itself aside, the decision to make GTA VI the first Grand Theft Auto game to feature a female protagonist was a bold move, but one that, if you ask me, is probably well overdue. While it’s also sure to rile up the worst kind of GTA fans (either the misogynistic kind or the kind that like the character too much), it’s sure to be a landmark moment in the gaming community. Between the success of its predecessor and the new protagonist, GTA VI is sure to be talked about for a long while.

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