As the most comprehensive game in the Star Wars universe, Star Wars Outlaws has a ton to offer in terms of complexity. In particular, a major part of how we’ll play the game will revolve around how we decide to treat competing factions.

If you’d like to let some preexisting lore inform the decisions you make upon the release of Outlaws, we’re happy to share a brief history lesson about the Outer Rim’s criminal syndicates. Let’s start with one you probably know.

The Hutt Clan

Kay brandishes a blaster at someone else in front of Jabba the Hutt.

JA PA KO HAN SOLO MA BA PA… Most Star Wars fans fondly remember the unintelligible lines of Jabba the Hutt. Because Jabba’s role was so central to the original trilogy 40 years ago, I intend to have a lot of fun seeing him in a brand new context.

Playing both sides during the war between the Rebellion and the Galactic Empire, the iconic Hutts match the shrewdness of earthling mafias. Across all Hutt families, Jabba is the final member of the Grand Hutt Council, but the Hutts control an entire region of space and remain powerful between the events of The Empire Strikes Back and The Return of the Jedi when the game takes place.

As Jabba the Hutt is among the most powerful criminals in the galaxy, Kay will have to decide whether to fly under his radar or take contracts from him. After all, what better way to enjoy the heist of a lifetime than to work with the Hutts?

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Crimson Dawn

Darth Maul, the initial leader of Crimson Dawn, brandishes his infamous double-sided lightsaber.

You may recognize this faction from Solo: A Star Wars Story. While Crimson Dawn doesn’t control a specific region of space, countless members from all over the galaxy pledge allegiance to this shadowy organization, which has been responsible for brewing war and mistrust among the other criminal syndicates.

Lady Qi’ra, a character in Solo, becomes the leader of Crimson Dawn after Darth Maul necessarily relinquishes control to her by being marooned on a planet called Malachor. As Qi’ra is an ally of Solo’s, her leadership of a galaxy-wide criminal syndicate is tempered by her disdain for the Galactic Empire and the Sith. Her appearance in Star Wars Outlaws may present opportunities for players to join rebels and take a peripheral jab at Palpatine.

The Pyke Syndicate

A Pyke wears the official uniform.

Trailers have also confirmed that the formidable Pykes will serve as a faction in Star Wars Outlaws. From their base of operations on Oba Diah, they’ve earned millions upon millions by trafficking spice across the galaxy.

But the Pykes are much more menacing than businessmen. With an armada of ships and countless loyal soldiers, they don’t stop at self-defense. They’ve conquered planet after planet to keep the spice flowing.

Worst of all, whoever the Pykes leave alive must work in slave mines on the infamous planet of Kessel. Pykes rival the cruelty and power of the Hutts, so Kay will have to exercise the utmost caution as her reputation grows.

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The Black Sun

Three Black Sun leaders congregate in a conference room.

Despite being a criminal syndicate, The Black Sun enjoys a thriving partnership with the Galactic Empire such that the latter has delegated all oppressing duties to the former. With ample resources and no interference from the Empire, this syndicate is notorious for its engagement with slave trading, bounty hunting, and piracy.

The Black Sun rarely enjoys the company of other crime syndicates, but with the Galactic Empire as an ally and an arsenal of resources, this surrogate government doesn’t need company.

Partnering with canonical bad guys, The Black Sun may present Kay with the toughest choices. If she doesn’t collect bounties for killing rebel leaders, she’s still going to have to abduct people. However Kay decides to engage with The Black Sun, to take contracts from this faction is to do some pretty shady stuff.

The Crymorah Syndicate

ND-5, a likely member of Crymorah, carries a suitcase across Tatooine.

As the faction with the fewest appearances across all Star Wars media, The Crymorah Syndicate makes for a perfectly mysterious addition to the game. Across the galaxy, no one knows much about this group apart from the fact that the leadership consists of a few families.

Repurposing Separatist battle droids from the Clone Wars into robot pinkertons, The Crymorah Syndicate has earned its reputation by backing gangs of the most vicious pirates in the Outer Rim.

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Most curiously, this faction’s repurposed droids advocate for droid rights. Kay and ND-5, her droid companion, may play a part in the fight for droid emancipation and equality.

The Galactic Empire (Unofficial)

A storm trooper surveys the area.

Of course, the Empire is too big a threat to be a mere crime syndicate, but we will see them in the game operating with The Black Sun and otherwise. Undoubtedly, imperial presence in the Outer Rim will inform Kay’s every action.

Only force users decide the ultimate fate of the Galactic Empire, but Kay reserves the right to establish professional relationships with the Empire’s officials so long as Sidious remains in power. As with the five crime syndicates, Kay will have to decide whether to assist or sabotage imperial activity.

Make New Friends… or Enemies

Kay Vess pays a visit to Jabba.

With six unique factions to befriend or harm, Star Wars Outlaws will hopefully make every playthrough different.

If you’re as excited as I am to engage with established and never-before-seen characters alike, note that Star Wars Outlaws hits the market on August 30th, 2024 on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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