With the reappearance of Morgan Elsbeth in the new Ahsoka series, it seems that our pool of Nightsisters appearing in mainstream Star Wars media is increasing. Newcomers to Star Wars may wonder who exactly are the Nightsisters? What makes them so special? Why do other species fear and avoid them? Hopefully, this short article will give you a bit more information about these prolific residents of Dathomir.

The Planet of Dathomir

Dathomir was a terrifying planet to many.  Due to its harsh and terrifying environment, most wouldn’t dare set foot on this planet, unless they had a good reason to.  Dathomir was home to the Nightsisters and Nightbrothers.  But it also was home to many terrifying creatures and fauna as well.  With its twisted lands and blood-red skies, it was a place that only the strongest could survive.

Who Were the Nightsisters?

The Nightsisters were created by author Dave Wolverton and made their first appearance in the novel The Courtship of Princess Leia.  In the novel, it is explained that the Nightsisters were descendants of a fallen jedi named Allya, who was exiled to Dathomir by the Jedi Order.  When she arrived in Dathomir, she started training the women of the planet on how to wield the force. 

The Nightsisters were a mysterious and dangerous matriarchal order.  They were also known as the Witches or Daughters of Dathomir.  During the Clone Wars, the planet Dathomir was under their rule.  While the Nightsisters weren’t very welcoming to outsiders, it was possible for a member of a different species to join the coven, like Morgan Elsbeth for example. 

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When they are as young as children, the Nightsisters begin intense training.  As explained in the Christie Golden’s novel Dark Disciple aspiring Nightsisters were required to use the dark side and be able to not be consumed by it.  Initiates then must dive into the pools of the village and acquire a piece of a massive creature known as the Sleeper and bring it back to the coven.  Anyone who fails is killed by being dragged down into the depths by the creature. Because of the grueling training and the living conditions of Dathomir, Nightsisters are born and raised into powerful and adaptable warriors.

The Matriarch

Mother Talzin was the matriarch and spiritual guide to all the Nightsisters on Dathomir during the Clone Wars.  Mother Talzin was incredibly powerful and was feared by many.  She was strong enough to be able to unite all the covens of Nightsisters into one clan. What’s more, she was also the mother of the infamous Darth Maul. Her goal was the be the most powerful being in the universe. She even wanted to take down Sidious himself, which of course, never happened.

Asajj Ventress

Fans of the Clone Wars are aware of who this character is.  She also made an appearance in the novel Brotherhood, where Anakin and Obi-Wan met her for the very first time.  Asajj Ventress was a powerful sith acolyte who was Count Dooku’s apprentice.  She made a lot of trouble for the jedi during the Clone Wars, and she was recognized as a great threat.  She was a feeble warrior and incredibly crafty.

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Asajj had been through a lot.  Once trained by a jedi, only to have her master killed in front of her and then to eventually to be lured to the dark side. She had a tumultuous life.  Eventually, even Count Dooku had betrayed her, and she swore revenge to end his life.  She returned to her home planet of Dathomir and joined a coven of Nightsisters.  Mother Talzin welcomed her with open arms and helped her plot her assassination on Count Dooku.

The Decimation of the Nightsisters

As mentioned above, ex-acolyte Asajj Ventress enlisted the help of her coven in an assassination attempt against Count Dooku.  The assassination attempt ultimately fails and Count Dooku became enraged with Asajj and the other Nightsisters. As a result, Dooku orders General Grievous to go and wipe them all out.  What ensues is a brutal battle between Grievous’ army and the Nightsisters of Dathomir.  Unfortunately, all the participating Nightsisters lost their lives, seemingly making them extinct.

Further angered at her failure and also the eradication of her sisters, Asajj Ventress set out to kill Count Dooku once more. In the novel Dark Disciple, Asajj teams up with Jedi Knight Quinlan Voss to try to assassinate Dooku once more to avenge her fallen sisters.

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The Survivors

Just like the aftermath of Order 66 and there being a few remaining Jedi, there are still some surviving Nightsisters.  Those who played Jedi Fallen Order and Jedi Survivor are very familiar with Merrin.  When Cal first meets her on Dathomir, she laments about her fallen sisters. She attacks him, thinking that because he’s a jedi, he’s just as at fault for what happened to her family.  But after a misunderstanding, Merrin joins Cal on his journey and fights alongside him in Jedi Survivor.

Now, we have the return of Nightsister Morgan Elsbeth, an antagonist in the Ahsoka series.  It’s great to see Dathomirians make more appearances in mainstream games and TV shows.  I, for one, am happy to see more of these species in our Star Wars stories. I hope we see even more of them in the future as well as other species that may have only appeared in books and comics.

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