Maxxxine, The final installment in the popular horror series X by Ti West released on July 3rd. You should make sure that you’re caught up on the previous movies as well. Here’s where to stream X and Pearl.

Where To Stream X

The first movie X follows a bunch of twenty-somethings as they find themselves staying on a farm with a strange old couple. They encounter horrific scenarios and odd behavior from the couple as they attempt to film an adult movie.

Currently, you can stream X with premium subscription fuboTV. Other than that you would have to either rent or buy X. The movie is available anywhere you rent or buy movies including; Apple TV, Prime Video, YouTube, Google Play, and Fandango.

Where To Stream Pearl

While Pearl is the second installment of the series, it is a prequel to X. It follows the titular character, Pearl, the woman from the first movie.

Pearl is currently streaming on Paramount+, Hulu, Prime Video, or fuboTV. You can also rent/purchase Pearl from Apple TV, Google Play, YouTube, Prime Video, and Fandango.

Stay tuned as well for coverage of Maxxxine including a YouTube review.

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