The action packed comedy The Fall Guy had audiences sat and ready to watch Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt on the big screen. Here’s when you can expect to watch it from the comfort of your living room.


The Fall Guy released on digital only three weeks after its theatrical release. This is something that’s becoming more common in the movie industry, especially since the Pandemic.

You can get the theatrical cut from Prime Video, Verizon, YouTube, or Spectrum starting now. You can also buy or rent the theatrical and/or extended cut versions of The Fall Guy on Apple TV, Fandango at Home, Xfinity, and Microsoft.

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You can expect The Fall Guy to arrive on 4K and Blu-Ray later this year. It is currently listed for release on December 31st 2024. If you preorder it on Amazon, it states it will arrive on January 2nd 2025. However, this is likely just a placeholder date. When retailers know a title will release in a given year but have not yet found out a specific date, they will often list the release date as the last possible date in that year.

You can preorder the film just about anywhere you normally get your Blu-ray Discs, including Amazon and Wal-Mart. There are already listings on eBay, and even the Blu-Ray website.

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