Diablo 4 was announced during Blizzcon 2019, and we finally have some information regarding the beta period. Those who have pre-ordered any version of Diablo 4 can access the beta from March 17–19 for PC, PS4/PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. The beta will then be open to the public from March 24–26. 

How Do I Signup?

Diablo 4

There are two ways to sign up for the beta. Buying a physical version of the game will give you a code for the early access beta. From there, go to diablo.com/beta and create a battle.net account or log into your existing account. Enter the code and select your preferred platform and region from the drop-down menu. From there, PC players can start the beta without needing to do anything special. However, console players will enter another code that will be emailed to the email address used for Battle.net.

What Is Available During The Diablo 4 Beta?

Diablo 4

At the time of writing, Blizzard has not publicly stated which of the five classes will be playable during the beta. There is a live stream on February 28th, so I imagine that we will get an answer soon. The beta will give access to the prologue and all of Act 1, which includes the first area of the game, Fractured Peaks. Fractured Peaks is fully explorable; however, your character will be capped out at level 25.

Diablo 4 releases on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S on June 6th, 2023.

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