What is Minecraft Legends?

Minecraft Legends is a brand new action strategy game announced by Mojang for release in early 2023. It has a third-person perspective as you explore the overworld and protect it from piglins invading from the Nether! Although this game seems like it will be great, it has interesting implications for Minecraft lore as a whole.

Minecraft lore has never really, well, existed. At least not in the official sense.

Anyone who has spent any amount of time on the internet knows about Herobrine, along with the many urban legends that come with him. People in the Minecraft community would constantly theorize about the credits after beating the Ender Dragon, the origin of the Villagers, and just what exactly is the Nether?

Up until Minecraft Legends got announced, this was all the lore we had.

Mojang now seems to be ready to embrace all these fan theories and legends, especially over these past few years! After Minecraft Story mode and Minecraft Dungeons, which were both getting closer and closer to giving us official lore for Minecraft, Minecraft Legends is going further on the path to lore.

Poster Image for Minecraft Legends on the Steam Store.

What is The Lore?

The story of Minecraft Legends takes place in this weird limbo between being canon and non-canon to the main game. You play as a character who exists in tales told between villagers over generations, with no evidence of you actually existing.

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The tale tells of a hero who united the overworld to fend off the piglins! This sounds like something that would be great for Minecraft! Although, Mojang doesn’t seem certain. Again, this game seems to be in limbo between canon and non-canon.

While yes it’s now technically canon that villagers do tell these tales to each other, all we hear villagers say are… well… “hrrrrr”. This gives Mojang plausible deniability if, for whatever reason, Minecraft legends just doesn’t work out.

Hopefully, this game is great!

I am a sucker for deep in-depth lore about anything I’m interested in, so I really hope this experiment goes well for Mojang! So then they can release more lore-heavy games and possibly delve into other forms of media! Give it a few years and there could be this deep, intricate universe for Minecraft which I think I and many older fans of the game would love to sink our teeth into!

Of course, the main game is all at the center of it all, which could slowly over time also incorporate these new bits of lore that come from other Minecraft media. Even giving new lore to things that are already there, or incorporating fan theories and stories. Could Herobrine become canon?

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That sounds ridiculous but this feels more possible as time goes on.

Overall, I think Mojang is taking a step in the right direction! Minecraft’s audience has grown up over the years and a lot lost interest just because they don’t feel like it’s age-appropriate anymore. So games with more lore can easily grab these people right back in!

Minecraft is a gem of a game that has had its ups and downs. Minecraft Legends has the potential to be high on the ups!

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