Pokémon Scarlet/Violet have been released for quite some time now and a DLC is bound to be announced. How am I so certain? Well, it’s rather obvious… Scarlet and Violet sold tremendously well. It vastly eclipsed every Pokemon title on day one. It was not only the highest-grossing and fastest-selling game for Pokemon but also for the Switch platform as a whole.

Here are my predictions for what we may see in an upcoming DLC release. Also, If you haven’t finished the game yet, you might want to turn around and find your treasure. (Cough) SPOILERS!

Are you ready? Let’s go back to Paldea! 

Warning: Spoilers for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet ahead…

More Fake Paradoxes:

Pokémon Scarlet/Violet

Paradox and Regional Fakes have crazy amounts of potential. Who would’ve thought encountering Pokémon from the Distant Past and Distant Future would be great additions as well as observing a wild Toedscruel. Paradox Pokémon and Regional Fakes are now a thing, giving us hints to possible directions for future installments.

There are already in-game hints pointing toward two paradoxes. Located inside the Academy is the Scarlet/Violet Book with a chapter titled: “An Imagined Pokemon”. It depicts a drawing of a fanged beast who is clearly a tri-fusion between Entei, Raikou, and Suicune. For Violet’s case, we have the combination of the Swords Of Justice Terrakion, Virizion, and Coballion. Additionally, two new moves were recently leaked: Hydro Stream and Psyblade. Honestly, I wonder what these two monstrous designs even are. Enraikou (theoretical name) looks pretty decent, although I can’t say the same for Covirion (theoretical name).

Regional fakes are a bit more interesting. From my understanding, regional variants are Pokemon who migrated from another region and adapted to the environment around them. Regional Fakes are convergent or parallel evolutions meaning that whilst i.e. Tentacool and Toedscruel may look alike, they are two completely different species. They share a common ancestor but branched out to become something similar yet also new. Does that make sense? The Isle Of Armor, and Crown Tundra gave Galarian Variants of the Legendary Birds and a few new legendaries. What’s to say they won’t end up giving us another Dudunsparce?

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Legend Unleashed:

Let’s pack more sandwiches, folks, because we could finally see the third legendary in the flesh. In the Violet/Scarlet book, there’s also a chapter titled “A Disk Pokemon” with an image depicting a hexagonal sphere gleaming with light.

From what we know, Prof. Heath took his team and explored Area Zero, and in one of those, He recalled talking to someone before fainting. When he awoke, he was clutching a page with schematics. First off, what even is this hexagonal? Is it Man-made? Does it have any relation to Miraidon and Koraidon?

Heath went on to publish the book and was popular with the Paldean people until some dismissed his claims as mere delusions. All copies of the book were thrown in the dumpster except for two. Many fans theorize that the existence of Paradox Pokémon may simply be Prof. Heath’s imagination coming to fruition. Rather than a time machine, it draws from the person’s imagination and brings things to life.

Aside from that, the new gimmick for Gen 9; “terestalization”, crystalizes Pokemon currently in battle to assume their respective typing or another for more strategy options. When “terestalization” is active you can see the Pokemon wearing a crown above it, a hexagonal gem with eyes. Both Koraidon and Miraidon may be from the past and future and are related to Cyclizar but they don’t seem to be associated at all with “terestalization”. We’ve only gotten a minor taste and with all the markings, and artifacts Heath and his team discovered in Area Zero, we’re bound to unearth more soon in the DLC.

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Kalos In Pokémon Scarlet/Violet?

Pokémon X and Y:

While the prospect of going back to Kalos (modeled after real-world France) is indeed mouth-watering, we should probably reign in our expectations. Let’s dial back to 2013 when Pokémon X and Y just came out. Those who finished the game quickly, thought that there would be end-game content awaiting eager players. Instead, we got Mewtwo in Pokémon Village inside a cave, Zygarde inside another cave, and legendary birds roaming the Pocket Monster version of the French countryside.

So, not that much to do.

We thought it would be OK because we were bound to get a third definitive version that would sprinkle in a few extra flavors, a.k.a more of Kalos. We had a roast chicken seasoned with salt, pepper, and olive oil but expected a follow-up with some cayenne, garlic powder, and lemon juice. Unfortunately, we didn’t get a Pokémon Z and instead moved directly to Alola. The disappointing thing is that we were originally supposed to go back to Kalos, according to a 2020 leak.

Pokemon Scarlet/Violet

Fast forward back to Pokemon Scarlet/Violet‘s Paldea (modeled after real-world Spain) map, there is a grayed-out zone in the top right that is not accessible just yet. Considering that real-world Spain is attached to France, that area should be Kalos.

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It’s been almost 10 years since Gen 6 but The Pokémon Company recently renewed X and Y’s trademark license. Furthermore, a number of Pokémon in Paldea are also found in Kalos. Rising Moon Salamence’s Ancient Form Pokedex entry hints at a mega evolution that was first introduced in X and Y. And if you observe the surroundings deep inside the cave in Area Zero, a formation of crystals can be found which is very similar to the ultimate weapon in X and Y.

Could we actually revisit the whole Kalos region once again?

I’d say… highly unlikely. Simply because it’ll take a whole load of time. The entirety of Kalos would have to be remade in Gen 9’s standard. NPC Models and buildings would have to use Scarlet/Violet’s art style. Not to mention areas and routes would need to be open-world. The best-case scenario is that we get a taste of Kalos. Kalos’s Pokedex is divided into three categories: Central, Coastal, and Mountain. Is this area Southern Kalos?  

The only way to find out is when the DLC is finally announced.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet are currently available for Nintendo Switch.

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