With so much to do in Starfield, you may get lost. Here are some tips to help guide you. Some are obvious, but you may be surprised by all the interactivity in Starfield.

Create Your Character

Starfield Character Creation

First, you can’t begin unless you pick a human to play as. There’s forty pre-set options to choose from and undoubtedly even more customization. If you’re like me, this step could take hours. Then once you confirm you’re finished, you realize something’s off about your face in cutscenes. And you restart. Again.

Not to mention, you’ll have to choose skills, backgrounds, and traits that will affect your gameplay and narrative.


Starfield Backgrounds

Backgrounds enable you with “a bit of backstory and start you out with three basic skills.” Pick an occupation, like Explorer, and your starting skills are Astrodynamics, Lasers, and Surveying. You never know when they will be useful since they can change NPC dialogue and unlock special quests.


Starfield Adoing Fan Kid Stuff Parents Religion Traits

Traits are optional. They range from your religious background, adding your very own parents, or including an adoring fan! Although they provide benefits, there’s often a catch. Picking one religion excludes the others. Likewise, choosing to have parents adds a 2% parent tax to your income. The adoring fan can join your crew and give gifts, provided you endure his chatterbox mouth. You can take up to three and there’s a way to remove unwanted traits.

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Starfield Skill Tree

There are physical, social, combat, science, and technology skill trees to develop. Ranks unlock by completing challenges in a specific skill. Difficulty of challenges increases as you advance ranks. The skill icons also emulate the look of sewn badges, a nice touch.

Complete The Tutorial

Starfield NPC

This is a no-brainer. There’ll probably be a tutorial in the beginning to teach you the ropes. I imagine it’s unskippable, at least in your first playthrough. Or, some NPC will give advice as you go through your very first day. Whatever it is, just go along with Starfield’s introduction and you’ll be hunky dory.


Starfield Mining

You’ll begin as a “dusty” or a miner, employed to extract resources from planets. We see from the Starfield Direct you can use a tool more akin to a laser gun. Maybe there’ll be more gear with more efficiency. Collect resources that will power your spaceship, allowing you to reach faraway systems. If that doesn’t sound fun, you’ll run into members of Constellation. I’m sure their involvement will upgrade your mining simulator into an epic journey across the galaxy.

Customize & Upgrade Your Spaceship

Starfield Spaceship Customization Mech

You can’t do your job unless you have a ship! Maybe you’ll start without one and be transported by your employer. Either way, we’re promised to eventually own and customize our ships. That’s where the real fun begins; ship parts will affect your stats and playstyle. Changing the exterior parts will change the interior space, rooms, and gameplay as well.

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As you travel through space, you’ll run into allies and enemies. Engage in space dogfights or dock ships and take over. Ships you capture make you the new owner! Pick up your freshly plundered ship at any space port.


Starfield Explore

Another no-brainer, obviously. I bet it’s why you bought Starfield in the first place. You’ll most likely explore our solar system first. However, earth has been destroyed, so we know we’re not launching from there. Interact with the native wildlife, scour for resources, or “simply take in the view.”

The main government power appears to be the United Colonies. Anything “beyond their reach” is the Free Star Collective Space, a “much more wild and independent coalition of star systems.”

Build Your Base

Starfield Base Settlement Interior Exterior

After exploring, you can settle somewhere for a home base. You can switch between on-put building or look down with an isometric camera.

Create crafting stations to make use of your harvested resources. Assign crew and companions to work at said bases to extract resources while you’re away. You can even live in the habitat modules.

Recruit Crew & Companions

Starfield Sarah Morgan Barret Sam Coe Vasco

Speaking of others, it can get a little lonely out there in space. So form a crew! As you travel, you run into many people who you can recruit. Most crew members have unique skills that can aid your mission, so look for synergy when assigning tasks. Spend enough time with them or complete tasks, and you can even romance a few. Currently, you can woo four confirmed characters, all from team Constellation.

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Starfield Vacation Vasco

So there you have it, a few activities to do when starting out. There’s already so much and I haven’t even mentioned combat. Keep updated on all things Starfield. So go ahead, embark on your adventure knowing the whole universe is out there.

Starfield is available September 6th on PC and Xbox Series X/S

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