After a half decade of anticipating Insomniac’s sequel, Spider-Man 2 is here! This time around, New York is bigger than ever, around double the size of the map in Marvel’s Spider-Man (2018). While there’s definitely some familiarity here, there’s plenty new to do and discover. Here’s how to make sense of it all in the early game. Rest easy; this is all very early content, so no spoilers here!

Opening Up the World

My screenshot of the map early in Spider-Man 2

To be able to freely explore the open world in Spider-Man 2, you’ll need to complete a few Story Missions first. Once you finish the first two missions, you’ll start one called “Show me New York”. This one does a decent job of onboarding you to the side content available in NYC. From here, you have some activities you can do. You can see on the map that there are tons of activities in every district, many of which are locked. In order to unlock these, you’ll need to progress further in the story. Then they will be trackable, discoverable, and playable. I’d recommend playing at least through the “Bad Guys on the Bridge” story mission, as from there you’ll have a great suite of side content to engage with.

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Roam! (If You Want To)

Spider-Man 2 Miles, New York, Web Swinging

Miles soars above New York in gorgeous image from the PlayStation Blog

From the “Show me New York” mission, you can explore the world. You can take photo ops to capture what makes New York special, search for Crystals containing Marko’s Memories, and complete requests from the Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man app. Random crime events will also pop-up throughout the world, which can be a great way to earn XP. Exploring the map will also have you encounter chests full of tech parts, which you can use to craft cosmetics and upgrades.

There are also several sets of side missions you can do. Each of these quest chains will give you more information about the world, help you level up, and can even unlock unique suits upon completion. Though they are side content, they are definitely worth checking out as some of them have great emotional story beats, and rich reveals.

What Makes it Worth it

An official look at Spider-Man’s torn suit after combat

Even though you can’t access all the spectacular-side-stuff from the beginning, I still highly recommend swinging around and checking it out in the early game. Doing so can help you discover story beats which add depth to the world, unlock upgrades, and help you level up so you can tackle the Main Quest with less difficulty.

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Highlights for me in my first few hours have been the Brooklyn Visions quests. These see Miles using his Spidey powers to help his peers. You learn more about Miles as a high school student, and it adds a lot of depth to his character to see what he’s up to when he’s not active duty Spider-Man. The Flame quest chain also strikes me as very interesting, showing Peter Parker facing off against cultists with a penchant for arson. There’s also some really cool follow ups to the narrative from Insomniac’s first Spider-Man game in 2018 that you won’t want to miss.

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