EA Sports PGA Tour has been a pretty fun game to play when playing in offline modes. Just like in real golf, there are a lot of things that can impact your shot, including lie, wind, slope, and quality of shot. Knowing how to adjust for these elements can make all the difference between missing the cut and rising to the top of the world golf rankings.

What Impacts Your Shots In PGA Tour?

Type of Club

No brainer here as you have specific types of clubs and brands. There are 5 main types of Golf Clubs: Putters, Irons, Hybrids, Wedges, and Woods/Drivers.

When it comes to Putters, it is of course used on putting greens to knock the ball into the hole.

Irons are mostly utilized on shots from the fairway, or for tee shots on short holes. 

Hybrids are basically a combination of an Iron and a Wedge club. While it may look like a Wood club, it is sort of like a more enhanced version of an Iron Club.

Wedged are often utilized for shorter shots to get on the green and for getting out of sand bunkers.

Woods give you your most powerful shots and are usually used for golfers to swing them the fastest. Woods come out of the bag when a lot of distance is needed.

Shot Type

Fun fact: there are a total of 20 different shot types in EA Sports PGA Tour. There is the Drive, Power Drive, Stinger, Approach, Power Approach, Punch, Knock Down, Finesse, Hack, Pitch, Runner, Spinner, Flop, Long Flop, High Flop, Blast, Pick, Putt, Chip, and Texas Wedge. A future guide will go into full detail about each Shot Types in this game, and there impact on how you shot in EA Sports PGA Tour.

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Shot Shape

This one focuses on the curve of the golf ball as it travels through the air. There are so many different golf shot shapes and they have their own unique benefits and situations when they are utalized. The Shot Shape determines where the ball will go depending on how the golfer shoots the golf ball.

Slope of Terrain

The slope of a golf course absolutely has an impact on the way a golfer shoots the golf ball. When a golfer hits the shot when it begins to fall and move forward the slope has an effect on the distance of your shot by many yards.

When the ball is above your feet in EA Sports PGA Tour, aim more to the right than you normally would. When it is below your feet, aim more to the left to compensate.


Depending on the terrain the ball is on, it is going to have an effect on the Velocity and spin reduction of the way the ball is hit. Terrain is important and if it is rough, then it is going to be more difficult to get the velocity and spin reduction that you want the golf ball to go through. Even the way the ball reacts to the terrain as well will effect the impact of your shots.

Deep rough will take a significant percentage of power off of irons shots, and a lie in the deep stuff will have a crippling effect on shots with a wood.

Golfer, club, and ball attributes

This mainly depends on the specific golfer you use as they have special attributes to how they shoot, equipment they use, and the balls that the utilize.

Power boost

Depending on ow the swing is high power makes the ball go further, low power makes it not go far. In the game there is power boost, depending on the golfer it can be very helpful for when golfers shoot the golf ball.

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In EA Sports PGA Tour, add-ons like power boost are only available in offline play.

Swing execution

The way a swing is executed is very important. If they don’t swing in a straight line or hit the ball on a poor part of a gold club, then your shot is not going to go where you want it to be. In the game they implemented a 3-click system when focusing on the swing execution. Imagine executing in bad weather like wind. Speaking of which….


I contemplated doing just weather here, but the wind has the most impact on making shots in golf. Especially as the wind can push the ball further or more away from the hole. Even when the ball is windy it can sometimes effect shots mid air and even make the drive not as far depending on the direction of where the wind is blowing. Which is why when you enter a golf course on windy days, it is best to come in with strategy and a gameplan.

In-Flight Spin Control

There are many factors that contribute to the spin control like specific ball, clubs, and power from golfer. However that in flight control is important when it comes too the landing and there are two main spins including the backward and sideways spin control. In the photo above the blue is the backspin and the yellow is the side spin. More sackspin provides a more higher and quicker stop when the ball hits the green. With side spin there is more of a curve towards the shots, but a more lower drop.

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Like with power boosts, in-flight spin control is only available in offline modes.


When it comes to the altitude, it is focused on the height of an object when it comes to sea or ground level. Fun fact the higher the altitude is the more colder the air is going to be and that absolutley has an impact on golf shots. Especially when looking at the carry of the ball and the length of how it remains in the air.

In fact, in one of my sports classes I learned that in every 1,000 feet above sea level a golf course sits, a golfer can expect their ball to travel approximately 2 percent farther. When it comes to hilly courses, it provides more strategy and challenge to any golf round or tournament.

That is what has an impact on your shots in EA Sports PGA Tour. It is very realistic as this is the same as in real life. No matter what golf is a game of strategy and technique. You have to ensure that you have a great gameplan coming into any golf tournament of game. This detail is what makes most of the EA Sports PGA Tour gameplay work better and stand out.

EA Sports PGA Tour is playable now on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S.

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