If we were to compare the initial trilogy of the Indiana Jones films, most people wouldn´t credit Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom as their favorite of the three. Though I can understand why, Temple of Doom will always have a special place in my heart. Child kidnapping and slavery isn´t the most wholesome topic to explore but they somehow still managed to make the film itself pretty fun and entertaining. One of the best additions to the film, in my opinion, is definitely Short Round.

Despite the abrupt introduction, we just kind of accept that a literal child is Indy´s driver and loyal companion to our hero as he ventures on dangerous missions. For whatever reason, we never stop to question how this whole thing happened but we instantly know things are gonna get pretty interesting. Some people don´t like his character, claiming he was a little too comical or disrupted the tone of the film but I thought he was a great counterpart to Indy – as Short Round likes to call him – and brought some much-needed introspection and fun to an otherwise awful subject matter.

Short Round´s Whereabouts:

Indiana Jones

Since he only appeared in the second film in the Indiana Jones franchise, it begs the obvious question: What happened to him after the Temple of Doom concluded? As far as I know, we never see him in any of the future installments or even hear any mention of his name again. It would´ve been pretty cool if he had made an appearance sometime in the future to help Indy out but as an adult this time. Actually seeing how his past adventure shaped him as a grown-up and the direction he decided to take in life is intriguing, at least for me it is. That unexpected reunion is something we all definitely needed to see.

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However, according to the film lore, Short Round just kind of disappears which is kind of unfortunate (he isn´t dead, don´t worry). In addition, a series of Marvel comics expounding on Indy´s expeditions show that Short Round and Indy are still a force to be reckoned with. From accompanying Indy in finding the lost city of Atlantis to becoming an archaeologist in his later years and trying to find the Peacock´s Eye Indy lost at the start of the Temple of Doom on his own, Short Round is getting some work done. Knowing Indy had a positive impact on his upbringing is pretty cool and I wish Short Round´s story had made it to the big screen at some point.

There are a few non-canon comics that don´t align with the lore so we don´t really reference those, however, it´s really great to see a continuation of Short Round´s story as a companion, as well as his own solo adventures.

Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny premiered in theaters on June 30, 2023, and is the fifth and final installment of the beloved franchise.


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