The new mainline titles in the Pokémon series, Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet, are arriving later this year. The new region, yet to be named, appears to be based on Spain. In the initial reveal, the three base stage evolutions of the starter Pokémon were revealed: Sprigatito the Grass Cat Pokemon, Fuecoco the Fire Croc Pokémon and Quaxly the Duckling Pokémon.

Now, several months after the reveal, fans and theorists alike have been cooking up plenty of ideas on what these new starters could evolve into. Will Sprigatito finally be the quadrupedal Pokémon everyone has been dreaming about for, well, forever now, will Fuecocco remain just as dopey looking, will Quaxly turn into Donald Duck?

All we can do for now is speculate and guess ourselves.


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All of the Pokémon Scarlet and Violet starters seem to be pretty well-liked, but Sprigatito seems to be the most favourable out of the three so far. The description given on the official Pokémon website lists Sprigatito as being ‘the capricious, attention-seeking Grass Cat Pokémon’.

With that in mind, let’s think of where Sprigatito could end up at the end of its evolutionary line.

One of the many reasons why fans are so enamoured with Sprigatito is because it’s a quadruped, specifically another feline – with many people having been burned from the Generation 7 starter, Litten, transformation from a fiery housecat into a bipedal wrestler, some see Sprigatito as the beacon of hope that maybe, just maybe, they can get their quadrupedal starter. As a result, thinking about how it could be from both a traditional cat angle and from a bipedal angle (when we are inevitably disappointed) is a good start.

One tying that could work is that of Grass/Steel. Whether it would include Sprigatito gaining some form of steel claws or appendages (sharp steel thorns maybe) or even if it went down the angle of Puss ‘N Boots with a rapier Grass/Steel is a powerful combination that could make this starter stand out even more than it already does. This art from Instagram user @axlgalay_art shows the promise of this bandit styled design.

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Sprigatito Evolution Art by @axlgalay_art on Instagram

Another typing that is a bit more popular with Fakemon designers if a Grass/Fairy type pairing. It’s no wonder, with Fairy being the newest and one of the most exciting types, and with the theme of mystical magic that usually surround fairies working very well alongside plant life and forests. If Sprigatito is supposed to be an attention-seeker, perhaps a Fairy typing could play even further into this mischievous angle, with it covered it beautiful flowers that capture people’s attention or covered in flowers to trick and play jokes on unsuspecting trainers. The YouTube channel Subjectively has designed the whole line with this theme and it looks spot on for a design like this.

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Sprigatito Evolution Art by Subjectively on YouTube

The final idea for today is that of a Grass/Dark typing. There are scant few Grass/Dark types in the series already, so the typing is a rare one that could invite some excitement and intrigue but played alongside the potential mischievous and mood-changing nature of Sprigatito, a Dark typing could work great. Whether that would include playing into a highwayman sort of idea with a dark mask, or long tufts of black fur to hide its movements, a Grass/Dark typing is not out of the question with this Pokémon.

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The dopey but very cute new Fire-type, Fuecoco is a little charmer. My personal favourite of the new trio, there’s just something about the little crocodile that sets them apart from so many other Fire types (which may also be because they have, so far, broken the age-old fan decided Zodiac rule for Fire types). The official website describes Fuecoco as ‘the laid-back Fire Croc Pokémon that does things at its own pace.’

They’re just a chill little dude.

A leak has recently been circulating the internet regarding what may be Fuecoco’s final evolutionary form – while it has not been confirmed as being real or not, we will not be showing it here in case it does end up being revealed as true, as to not spoil anyone.

One typing that Fuecoco could end up being is that of Fire/Ghost. From a quick look at Fuecoco’s design, it becomes clear that not only is it designed after a fire crocodile, but also after some form of pepper, particularly with the shape of its body and the stem-like protrusions from its head. While this could be argued as pointing towards a Fire/Grass typing, it is very unlikely that the Pokémon Company would cross types between their starters in that way. If looked at as in terms of a Ghost typing, though, things may be a bit clearer. A very well-known type of pepper is that of the Ghost Pepper, and even if that is not the one being referenced, the idea of hot and spicy food is enough to kill is a common enough trope that making a ghostly pepper Pokémon with Fuecoco’s evolution may prove to be both entertaining and insanely cool. Once again, the YouTube channel Subjectively has made some amazing art to go along with this idea.

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Fuecoco Evolution Art by Subjectively on YouTube

Another interesting idea is that of a Fire/Fairy type. If we go down the route of believing that Fuecoco may end up becoming a large reptilian entity (perhaps even going down the route of a Dragon), it could be feasible that it turns into a Dragon type. However, with Fuecoco’s laid back nature and its goofy appearance, I think if it turned into a reptilian more inspired by fairies alongside with pepper theme it would fit much more to the character being portrayed by Fuecoco right now. A Fire/Fairy type evolution could include a more ‘gentle-giant’ archetype of Pokémon, with a big body and little wings.


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Quaxly is a funny little duckling. With the simple addition of a cap and a wave motif, this Water starter could go in numerous directions – sailor, conquistador, just a duck. Endless possibility!

Now it is to be noted that we already have a duckling Pokémon in Ducklett, whose evolution is Swanna. That evolutionary line is based upon the story of the ugly duckling, however, and so Quaxly has the potential to go in a completely different direction with its typing and evolution.

Let’s start with a boring one first though: Water/Flying. This is a relatively average typing now and although it does fit Quaxly as a sailor duck, it is just a bit dull. Other Pokémon already have this typing from Pelipper to the previously mentioned Swanna and so making another Water/Flying duck may just be redundant. As stated though, it does fit and there hasn’t been a new Pokémon of this typing since Unova in Generation 5, so we could see it pop back up here in Generation 9.

A more interesting type could be Water/Steel, either to tie to the sailor theme or the conquistador theme. A militaristic duck with a long trench coat, sharp wings and a massive floppy hat has been the centrepiece of a couple of Quaxly evolution designs. My favourite is this one by Instagram user @siuper_rookie who perfectly captured that balance between cool sleekness while still sticking to the themes present in Quaxly’s original design. We have had a Water/Steel starter before in Empoleon, but that was back in Generation 4 and Empoleon didn’t utilise an awful lot of Steel type moves (in fact it only learnt one naturally in Metal Claw) so maybe this is a chance to redeem such a cool typing.

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Quaxly Evolution by @siuper_rookie on Instagram

Another option is just plain Water. The previous Water-type starter, Intelleon, alongside the entire previous generation was mono-type and while they worked, it is very boring. Part of the fun is seeing the cool, unique typing that these Pokémon can turn into so for it to just be Water twice would be a pretty big letdown. Pokémon has done this before, however, what with Blaziken, Infernape and Emboar all sharing the Fire/Fighting-type so anything is in the cards.

A really good depiction of all 3 starters is this amazing art by Twitter user @bromojumbo, which depicts each in their own amazing, fascinating way. If they ended up looking like this, I think very few people would be disappointed.

Starter Evolution Art by @bromojumbo on Twitter

Whatever types these starters end up becoming, excitement is high for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet and we now continue the long wait until we get to see more cool, unique creatures for us to encounter later this year. Let’s just hope that the evolutions are good… and that Sprigatito stays on all fours.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet launch later this year exclusively on Nintendo Switch.

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