Starfield has many expectations on its shoulders, and it’s widely anticipated by people from all over the world. In fact, some reviewers state this might be Bethesda’s last real chance to prove they can make quality games. In order for Starfield to be a successful game, it needs to look back to most of the previous Bethesda games. This article will explain what Starfield needs to replicate and improve based on its predecessors.

Fallout 76

Let’s address the most controversial game that Bethesda released recently. Some would want Starfield to be bug-free, but other lessons must be learned as well. Fallout 76 did not have a strong emphasis on its story, which surprised many players since Bethesda is known for its great storytelling and amazing quests. Additionally, Fallout 76 does not support mods, which decreases the time players spend on it. Despite the world being rather vast, it also feels empty and it doesn’t have the quality and detail that we were accustomed to when compared to other Bethesda games. That’s certainly something Starfield can improve upon.

Fallout 4

Some players would assume that the voiced protagonist was the biggest issue for this game. However, that’s only the tip of the iceberg. The lack of time spent making Fallout 4 a Role-Playing Experience harmed the game more than a voiced protagonist.

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Removing the skill tree system made players not have a personalized character for each playthrough, which resulted in the game being less of an RPG. And as we know, most Bethesda titles thrive because they have a stellar Role-Playing element. Getting rid of their strongest features resulted in the game not being as great as it could have been. Yes, it does have its fans, but it could have been so much more. Hopefully, Starfield will not lack the RPG elements people know and love.


Customization in Skyrim is amazing. There are races that look and behave differently from each other. They all have their own lore, which is a testament of the great lore the series has. Different skills vary and link with each other.

For example, magic has different schools, giving players more room to make different kinds of mages. There are healers and necromancers. These two skills might seem opposing, but players can max both skill trees and make up a story as to why their characters have these skills. Plus, the open nature of the game is impressive, and you also get to feel that you’re making an impact. Adding such ideas to Starfield can indeed make the game even better and more appealing to fans.

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What Oblivion does best for me is pushing players to explore its world. Starfield does not need to have a long introduction like Skyrim and Fallout 4. There are popular mods that stop the players from having to experience their introductions in a new playthrough. Starfield can lack a very long introduction and can throw the players to the world as quickly as possible. While people like a great intro filled with lore, adding them deep into the story is definitely going to make a difference and provide more engagement, especially for a newcomer.


The Elder Scrolls: Morrowind does not hold its players’ hand throughout the game. It expects players to know how to navigate the world and the skill tree without much guidance. While this might seem appealing to some players, most don’t want something this hardcore. Kingdom Come: Deliverance reached a great balance when it comes to this type of gameplay, and the results are nothing short of spectacular.

Most quests are not time-based, meaning if you spend days in the game, you will not fail them. Instead, you get to explore the world and complete quests at your own pace. However, if you trigger certain quests and take too long to complete, you can eventually fail them. Having a similar feature in Starfield would make the world more believable and would make our actions have consequences. Sure, it’s cool to explore the world and do the things you want, but it also makes sense to have some sort of consequences based on your actions.

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What do you think Starfield should learn from past titles? How will the game turn out? Will it learn from those mistakes, or will it actually bring in its own share of problems? Don’t hesitate to leave your comments below!

Starfield is coming September 6, 2023 on PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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