Redfall, a co-op vampire shooter game, has unveiled the bonuses fans should expect when they pre-order the game or play it on Xbox Game Pass.

The revelation came to light in their new trailer, which shows the bonus contents gamers can expect when they pre-order the game or play it via their Xbox Game Pass subscription. Following weeks of rumor, speculation, and leaks, Redfall confirmed its release date during the Xbox and Bethesda Develop Direct Showcase.

Redfall Pre Order Bonuses

From the showcase, it was gathered that the game will be released on May 2 and will launch as a Day One Xbox Game Pass game. Thus, Xbox Game Pass subscribers will be allowed to play Redfall at no added cost, but those who are not subscribers will still want a view of what is expected from the game. Thus, there is an option for everyone to pre-order the game, and this comes with a bonus that they can access when they pre-order or play it on Game Pass.

The Vampire Hunter Pack is the first piece of bonus content for those who pre-order Redfall. This Vampire Hunter Pack in the game will come with the Polar Vortex skin that is used for multiple weapons in the game, the Grim Tide shotgun, and the Blood Ravager Stake that will function as a kind of bayonet that the players can use to stab the vampires. These weapons will be helpful, as the players’ primary objective will be to attempt to kill all the vampires in Redfall.

Redfall Bite Back Edition

Redfall Press Image

Another feature revealed by the trailer is the content players can get if they upgrade to Redfall’s Bite Back Edition. The price of the Bite Back Edition is $99.99, but it comes with the main game, an alternate outfit that the players can change for all playable characters in Redfall, the Tactical Knife state, and the Laser Beam multi-weapon skin. On a final note, the Bite Back Edition will also come with the Hero Pass, making it possible for players to access two DLC heroes that are being planned as an addition to the game at some point after it is launched.

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Overall, the latest gameplay presentation in Redfall is awe-inspiring, and it does seem that the game will draw so much attention from those who have previously played Arkane’s games. The open-world features and co-op features offered in Redfall represent a departure from what was generally available in Arkane. However, the core gameplay is firmly fused to the company’s FPS roots, reminding players of other similar games such as Deathloop and Dishonored.

Since Redfall has officially announced its release date, the fans will have to wait for the official launch to see if the game will actually meet the hype and their expectations, especially those set by those that have played Arkane’s games in the past. New enthusiasts might want to wait and read through the reviews or at least check it out using Game Pass before they can decide what the game will deliver. Still, the die-hard fans that don’t have access to the subscription services offered by Microsoft might need to pre-order to access this bonus content. I have Xbox Game Pass, and I can’t wait to give it a trial. Once done, I will offer a fair review of the game here, so, do come back later for that.

Redfall is coming May 2, 2023 to PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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