Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 is an entertaining game to play with. I like where Activision is taking Call of Duty. However, one part of the game has been getting a lot of attention lately as raids are making their way to the hugely popular shooter.

Fans of other franchises like Destiny and World of Warcraft will be familiar with raids, but it will be a new concept to Call of Duty fans. Raids, when played with friends, can be an intense and fun experience that is more in-depth than standard multiplayer matches.

Raids in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

Raids will be a three-player group co-op gameplay focusing on intense combat, defeating multiple opponents, and trying to complete it quickly. It basically will be a mode tied to the Spec Ops aspect of Modern Warfare 2. It will be interesting to see how teams must work together to win.

Will this be a 3 vs 3 game mode or 3 people in the group taking down the enemy? It has not entirely been clear what will be utilized for raids, but with a puzzle-solving aspect to this mode, I am intrigued. However, the point is that three players will be involved in these raids. Also, there is no word yet on what the bosses will be inside the Raid Mode. Will it be a campaign boss or a newly created boss? It will be fantastic to figure it out.

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While it has been showcased through the Atomgrad Raid that was released, I still feel that Activision is not done expanding it and might do both options above. In my opinion, raids as a new mode for the game is telling. It shows that Activision is willing to try and experiment more with Call of Duty. I like to see if I am a Call of Duty fan, and I hope they do this with more modes to come.

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 is playable on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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