Well, today is an excellent day for NFL Fans. Today is Super Bowl 57, and the Kansas City Chiefs will take on the Philadelphia Eagles in this game. So it is the Andy Reid Bowl or the Kelce Bro’s Bowl (Travis Kelce and Jason Kelce are both brothers facing off against each other). Madden 23 got in on the fun and simmed the game, and that gives us an excuse to talk about the Super Bowl!

So here we go, lets get this simulation started.

Super Bowl Simmed In Madden

Quarter #1 (Bullet Point Highlights)

  • Eagles won Coin Toss and elected to recieve in the 2nd Half.
  • Jalen Hurts had a rushing touchdown and Passing Touchdown
  • Dallas Goedert Caught the Touchdown thrown by Hurts
  • Isaiah Pacheco had a 65 yard gain, but the Cheifs had to kick a field goal as they failed to score a field goal on the drive.
  • Mahomes only had 64 Passing Yards
  • Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes threw an Interception and it was caught by Eagles S Chauncey “C.J” Gardner-Johnson
  • No Sacks on Chiefs side and DT Jordan Davis of the Eagles Sacked Mahomes/

Score at the End of the 1st Quarter 14-3 Eagles take the lead. It is Chiefs Ball

Quarter #2 (Bullet Point Highlights)

  • Mahomes threw a 37 yard catch caught by WR JuJu Smith-Schuster for a Touchdown
  • Hurts sacked twice (One By Chris Jones and One by George Karlaftis)
  • On a 3rd and 36 Hurts throws a 40 yard pass to Devanta Smith for the 1st Down
  • Boston Scott eventually runs for a 5 yard rushing touchdown
  • Clyde Edwards-Helaire fumbles the football at the goal line and it was picked up by Robert Quinn at the one yard line
  • Lane Johnson gets injured on the first down and the Chiefs (LB Nick Bolten) sack Hurts and get a saftey
  • Mahomes leads the Chiefs to a field goal on the next drive
  • With it now being in the two minute warning Hurts throws for the 11 yard touchdown to AJ Brown

Score at the End of the 2nd Quarter Eagles lead still 28-15. Eagles get the ball in the beginning of the 3rd Quarter.

Mahomes Madden 23

Quarter #3 (Bullet Point Highlights)

  • Eagles Jalen Hurts Immediately runs for an 80 yard Touchdown run giving the Eagles a Touchdown immediately.
  • Mahomes leads the Chiefs to an eventual 8 yard touchdown run
  • Hurts goes 3 and out on the next play where he overthrows Brown once, gets sacked by Frank Clark of the Chiefs, and completes one to Greg Ward for 5 yards
  • Chiefs regain the ball and Kelce finally makes his 10th grab of the game which would be the next touchdown for the Chiefs, but they get the 2 Point Conversion with Kadarius Toney rushing for a touchdown.
  • Eagles have a nice drive, but are forced to kick a field goal
  • Mahomes when he gets the ball immediately throws an interception to Darius Slay who almost gets a pick 6, but gets tackled at the 2 yard line
  • At the end of the 3rd Quarter Eagles score a rushing touchdown by Miles Sanders

Score at the End of the 3rd Quarter Eagles lead still 44-30. Eagles get the ball in the beginning of the 3rd Quarter.

Quarter #4 (Bullet Point Highlights)

  • The Cheifs get the ball, but the Eagles hold them to only a field goal
  • The Philadelphia Eagles decide to run the clock out, but eventually get stopped.
  • On the next drive Kelce breaks the record for most catches in a single Superbowl game. He even scores a touchdown at the end of the drive. The Cheifs get the 2 point conversion with Kadarius Toney catching the
  • Hurts would throw an interception on the next drive to CB Trent McDufffie and gets to the 50 yard line
  • The Cheifs would score a touchdown where Pacheco rushed for a 13 yard touchdown
  • Hurts then on the final drive gets the Eagles to the redzone and in an important play with 7 secounds left to go He throws a touchdown to AJ Brown for the win


Super Bowl MVP: QB Jalen Hurts

So that is what happened when we simmed the game on Madden. Do I expect this to happen in the Superbowl? No. Almost everybody knows that Madden 23 simulation system has some opportunities and has unrealistic scores. But, on a serious note, Philadelphia will win this game. (Sorry, Eagles Fans!!)

Madden 23 is available to play now on PS4, PS5, PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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