Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, the next generation of Pokémon games coming to the Switch, aren’t due to come out until later this year. That hasn’t stopped some notorious Pokémon leakers from *allegedly* discovering a bunch of information about the games already. I’m going to be discussing what has been leaked, so if any or all of it does end up being in the game, fair warning now that this article could contain some spoilers.

Also, let’s acknowledge the Gigantamax-sized grain of salt that all leaks of this nature must be taken with. While the leakers have a fairly good track record, that doesn’t mean everything they’ve revealed will actually come to fruition. All right, now that we got those disclaimers out of the way, we need to talk about those Scarlet/Violet leaks.

The leaks come via CentroLeaks which has been compiling the leaks from a couple of other sources, namely an account that goes by the handle “Riddler_Khu” and some other accounts that have since been deleted. There has been a bunch of information about the starters’ evolution lines, a couple of old Pokémon getting regional forms, and new evolutions for old Pokémon. What has been really intriguing to me, however, is the information about some of the new mechanics, or “gimmicks” for this next generation of Pokémon games.

Pokémon Crystallization:

Pokémon Leaked Image: Crystallization

The image on the left is supposedly of a Pokémon that has undergone “crystallization”. By most accounts, this mechanic sounds like it will be the main new feature for this generation of Pokémon. Just like how “Gigantamax” was for Generation 8, or how “Z-Moves” were for Generation 7, “Mega” Pokémon from Generation 6, and so on.

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So, what is it exactly? Well, it sounds almost like it’s a new take on “Mega Evolution”. According to the rumors, most of the NPCs in the game will use it and what it does is changes the appearance of your Pokémon by using an item on it. By doing this to your Pokémon, it will power up a certain type, almost like gaining an additional STAB (same type attack bonus) move.

The example given was that a Pokémon like Pikachu who was “crystalized” would get a fire-type boost but wouldn’t get the additional weaknesses that come along with being an actual fire-type Pokémon. If that is the case, it would be a real shakeup for the competitive battling scene for Pokémon.

The ability to give a Pokémon an additional STAB move while not having to worry about the pitfalls of typing is a big deal. Sounds to me like if my boy Snorlax is in Scarlet/Violet, we’re going to have some fun with “Crystallization”.

Paradox/Ancient/Future Species:


According to the information shared by several leakers who all seem to draw a similar conclusion about this new mechanic, we are going to be getting something akin to ancient/future Pokémon. Here is what these Pokémon are being described as, according to multiple sources:

…are ancestors or descendants of a current Pokémon, that has time traveled from the past or future. These species don’t evolve; they are standalone Pokémon, but with high stats. They are classified as brand new Pokémon with their own name and Pokedex number.

I am really interested in how this mechanic will be used throughout the game. When I read about Pokémon that are “standalone” and have “high stats”, it sounds like these are being treated as legendary or mythical Pokémon. So far, there are several Pokémon rumored to either be a “past” Pokémon, a “future” Pokémon, or in the case of Volcarona, both. One of the more notable “past” Pokémon is Salamence, and the most notable “future” Pokémon is Tyranitar.

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I imagine that each version of the game will get its own “paradox” Pokémon, such as the “past” Salamence being exclusive to Scarlet, the “future” Tyranitar exclusive to Violet, etc. Of all the leaks I’ve come across regarding these new games, this is the most interesting one to me and I hope GameFreak knocks it out of the park.

Pokémon Convergent Species:


The more I hear about this new mechanic the more it sounds like it could be the most controversial new feature for this next generation. According to leakers, here’s what convergent species are: “A number of new Pokémon that look very similar to an old Pokémon. They are completely unrelated to their original counterpart but look pretty much the same, almost like a recolor. They can have different typings. These species are based on the “convergent evolution” concept from biology, look it up. They also have their own name and Pokedex number.”

This one sounds to me like it will be the first time I ran into a Sudowoodo in Silver Version. Like many other players, I assumed it to be a grass-type and attacked it accordingly, only to be left puzzled. Just imagine running into a Pokémon that looks exactly like a Charizard, you use something like “surf” on it, only to be met with the text that says “it’s not very effective”. The confusion in trying to figure out what’s going on will be palpable and I can see it being a source of frustration for a lot of players.

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Not to mention, it sounds a tad lazy for them (GameFreak) to just be reusing old Pokémon and just giving them a new paint job and typing. Hopefully, I’m way off on this one and GameFreak uses it in a surprisingly good manner but I will remain skeptical until I get to experience it for myself.

Wrapping Up:

If you’re curious to do some more investigation on the leaks, I’d recommend starting with the CentroLeaks Twitter account and sifting through what the account has been posting. There is a lot more information on which Pokémon will or won’t be in the games, what the starter evolutions will look like, some plot discussion, and many other things not mentioned in this article.

Also, as long as you’re here, check out Getting Started on iRacing while you’re at it.

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