Marvel’s Wastelanders: Star-Lord follows the journey of both Peter Quill (Star-Lord) and Rocket Raccoon, both as reckless and insulting as ever. As they travel from space to Earth to find a relic of high celestial power. Sarah Cawkwell delivers a wonderful tale of aging, heroism, and friendship as heroes past their prime must fight an evil that has never been stronger.

In this journey, Star-Lord and Rocket meet some new faces and discover what has become of both Earth and its mightiest heroes, introducing a darker tone than we might recognize when it involves these two characters. On top of the progression of age, we see an additional layer of how they are dealing with their mortality, giving more character depth than ever before and resulting in a great Marvel story.

A Dangerous Mission Unfolds.

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Marvel Wastelanders Star-Lord

What started out as a simple high-paying job ends up being a deadly one. As you progress into the story, you meet the Collector, an entity in space who controls a massive intergalactic trove containing a vast collection of objects and living specimens. He hires our elderly duo to retrieve an item of cosmic power, leading them on a long and deadly journey back to Earth.

Along the way, they pick up Cora, the Rigellian Recorder responsible for documenting our heroes’ exploits. This addition to the team adds a new perspective and voice to the narrative, enriching the storytelling experience. With Cora on board, the tale unfolds before our eyes with a perfect balance between different perspectives and a cohesive structure.

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Upon reaching their first destination, Earth, 30 years since Star-Lord’s last visit, they are met with a shocking revelation. The place he once remembered has been turned into a complete wasteland controlled by Victor von Doom, the most powerful of the Earth-bound Marvel villains. The remnants of Earth’s mightiest heroes are no more, leaving the fate of the world hanging in the balance. Now, it falls upon what remains of the Guardians of the Galaxy to save themselves and the world from Doom’s tyranny.

What Happens When Our Heroes Age?

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Like many great stories from the past few years, Wastelanders: Star-Lord addresses what happens to our heroes when they are no longer in their prime. Star-Lord and Rocket are no longer young, and as aging heroes, they must confront their own morality as well as the enemies in the story.

If that isn’t enough for you, add to it the question of what happens when the bad guys win. In Wastelanders: Star-Lord, our heroes discover that Earth has been turned into a wasteland after Doctor Doom and other evil doers have killed all the heroes and driven hope away.

I’m a sucker for stories like this. Heroes at their most vulnerable become more compelling and much more relatable for fans. It’s easy to win when you’re at your strongest. However, at their weakest, Star-Lord and Rocket have to find the strength to fight. It’s something we all have to do at different times in our lives.

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Aside from this thrilling narrative, the story introduces a mix of familiar and new characters. Kraven the Hunter, a relentless villain, relentlessly pursues our heroes, adding a constant sense of danger and tension. Emma Frost emerges as the leader of the resistance against Doctor Doom’s rule, offering support to what’s left of the Guardians.

As the story unfolds, it answers some burning questions about the fate of the other Guardians and Earth’s mightiest heroes. However, to discover the fate of Star-Lord, Rocket, and the ultimate outcome of their mission to save the world, readers must stay tuned and check it out in early July

Marvel Wastelanders: Star-Lord is available on July 4th, 2023.

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Review Summary

At it’s core the story is a great and bold involving characters that have been in great detail been humorous and have that “we are invincible” mentality and bring them down to a harsh reality and even harsher situation adding additional well known characters bringing it all together in a nice formated story that goes well with the rest of the Wastelander series

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