If you’re a fan of Star Wars, you probably at least heard about Vader Immortal when it came out, or maybe you saw the awesome trailer. If not, or if you haven’t had the luxury of playing this game yet, I’d recommend you do so at the earliest opportunity. This game is a thrill and each one of its three episodes is an absolute must-have in the library of any Star Wars fan.

vader immortal screenshot

Screenshot from the game courtesy of yours truly as I cower before Lord Vader himself.

Okay, if I’m being totally honest, my one complaint about the game would be that the story is nothing all that special. You begin in the shoes of a lone smuggler, traveling the stars with a droid companion, only to eventually find that—gasp—you’re the legendary heir of a long-dead Force user who was once a great Jedi, yada yada. Seriously, why can no one in charge of writing Star Wars lore just have a Jedi main character who doesn’t come from a long line of powerful Force users?

Check, check, and check

Where this game shines is in the gameplay. Think of a list of things you would immediately want to do if you found yourself in the Star Wars universe. Now, this is a list of all the things that Vader Immortal will let you do:

  1. Become a Jedi? Check.
  2. Use a lightsaber? Check.
  3. Use the Force? Check.
  4. Escape a Space Battle by Activating the Hyperdrive at the Last Possible Moment for Dramatic Effect? Check.
  5. Go 1 on 1 with Darth freaking Vader? Double check.
  6. Kill a ton of stormtroopers? Absolutely.
  7. Take down an AT-ST with a mounted laser turret? Hell. Yes.
  8. Realize you are a protagonist-type “Chosen One?” Wouldn’t have been on my list, but hey, I’m glad for the opportunity.
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While your list might’ve also had “Meet Luke Skywalker” or “Get Into a Duel with Han Solo,” no one can say the devs of Vader Immortal didn’t do what they could to make the game enjoyable. And in the end, that’s what games should really be about: Having fun. Moreover, the immersion of this game makes it easily one of my personal favorite Star Wars titles, hands down.

The way Vader himself towers over you in the first scene you meet him (see said towering depicted above), the dramatic training as you learn about your Force powers, right up to the final boss fight where you go mono-a-mono with Vader himself, all spectacular fun and jaw-droppingly intense. 10/10, would save the galaxy again.

Vader Immortal is available on Oculus and PlayStation VR.


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