After months of waiting in anticipation, Redfall was finally released by Arkane on the Xbox on the 2nd of May, yet, the responses from critics and gamers haven’t been all that positive, to say the least. Complaints about the pricing point, $70 to be exact, called into question the level of quality one would come to expect from a game considered to be on the more expensive side.

Phil Spencer appeared on the Kinda Funny XCast this week and was very candid about what went wrong. Additionally, he took full responsibility for the failed launch and the state of Xbox releases over the past few years.

Phil Spencer Speaks Out

Though Spencer takes full responsibility for the less than stellar result they ended up with, he thoroughly defends what the Xbox Game Studios team was attempting to accomplish. As Spencer quotes, “There’s clearly quality and execution things we can do, but one thing I won’t do is push against the creative aspirations of our teams.”

To him, a small delay could have fixed a lot of the issues the game suffered from, no the mindset or direction they went with the story. Despite this setback, Spencer and his teams are committed to writing the wrongs and produce a game worthy of their namesake.

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Source: IGN

Redfall released on May 2 and is available on PC and Xbox Series X|S.


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