Starfield is a massive game in which you explore multiple planets throughout the cosmos. Han had the Falcon, and you have whatever you want to build or buy. Even ship building in Starfield is a huge endeavor, and you will want to dive in pretty hard if you want to have the best ship possible. For now, let’s take a look at the most important modules you’ll want to cruise through the galaxies in style.


One of the most useful things you can add to your ship in Starfield are habs. These range from crew quarters to an infirmary and everywhere in between. Some, like the Control Station, are just aesthetic. Others, like the two we are focusing on here, provide gameplay help to you. There are three different sizes ranging from 1×1 to 3×1. The 2×1 seems to have the most useful pieces.

The first upgrade is a 2×1 called the workshop. This gives you an area where you can upgrade your space suit, weapons, and helmet. It provides those tables needed to add mods to your equipment, a very useful feature when exploring the far reaches of space.

The second upgrade is also a 2×1. You can choose between the infirmary or science lab depending on how you want it to look. But both contain a pharmaceutical lab and a research station. These are useful for upgrading your med packs and creating items to cure various diseases.

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Finally, adding a living quarters, again in the 2×1 section, provides a galley. The galley can be used to make various food items that provide healing when you’re exploring a planet.

Cargo Holds

Inventory space is limited in Starfield. You can only hold so much weight on your person. Sending resources to the cargo hold is helpful to lighten the load. But even the cargo hold can fill up quickly. So why not have multiple holds? Adding another 1 or 2 cargo holds increases the amount of resources you can carry allowing you to avoid having to micromanage what you keep and what you jettison. If that Cargo Hold is shielded, even better, because now you can hide contraband. You can buy one on Porrima III at the Red Mile by talking to Lon.


Reactors provide more power to your ship and make life easier when exploring. Having to juggle where your power goes in the middle of combat can lead to easy mistakes that lead to defeat. So a stronger reactor allows you to focus on what really matters… blowing up your prey.

These are just a few of the modules you can add to your ship. The more you add, the more your ship weighs and the more jumps it will take to reach the far corners of the universe. You can try to offset these with more engines and more fuel. So go get building your dream ship, and stay tuned to Strangely Awesome for even more great guides on Starfield.

Starfield is available now on PC, Xbox Series X/S, and Xbox Game Pass.

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