Sims in The Sims 4 were advertised to be the most realistic yet when it comes to their emotions and personalities. While they do have quite a few emotional states to be in, there is admittedly a lack of traits and aspirations to really give their personalities flavor. Here are just some traits and aspirations that I feel would contribute well to more realistic and varied gameplay in The Sims 4.

Sims 4 Traits:

Grammar Genius

These sims are really good at everything grammar– they’re naturals in English class and gain positive moodlets while writing. Sims with the Grammar Genius trait who are in school will occasionally get a positive moodlet from acing an essay in school. The sims are able to correct other sims on their grammar as an interaction, either socially or online on Social Bunny if you have High School Years.

Hopeless Romantic

These sims are just bad at love. They often have embarrassed moodlets when trying to be romantic, and get a sad moodlet if they are single for a long time. Sims with the Hopeless Romantic trait can discuss their relationship dreams with other sims. The sad moodlet they feel after a breakup lasts longer as well, but so do the happy ones after a positive romantic interaction.

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Considering this is a life sim video game, and the fact that there is the option to be a streamer, I’m truly surprised this trait doesn’t exist already. These sims gain positive moodlets when gaming, and will get tense if it’s been a while since they picked up their controller. They will also naturally be better at games and will be more likely to win tournaments. If they receive a gaming console or computer as a gift, they will get a positive moodlet from that.

Sims 4 Aspirations:

sims 4 traits


These sims want to help others feel heard and safe. They love volunteering, and seek to support sims in need. They have the ability to join and donate to a cause. They can also help write newsletters or make PSA’s for a cause they have joined to spread more awareness. Advocate sims have a “raise awareness” interaction. These sims get a sad moodlet if they haven’t helped a cause in a while.

Professional Dancer

These sims love nothing more than to bust a move! They can take dance classes and talk about their favorite style of dance. They can also join the dancer career to further explore their favorite activity. They get energized moodlets easily and will sometimes feel randomly inspired to dance– in fact, they are the only sims who can dance without music. These sims will also get a happy moodlet if there is a dance floor in the room.

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Professional Businessperson

These sims want to be the CEO of a company in The Sims 4. They rarely feel tense from work, and have the option to work overtime to help them get to a promotion faster. Once leveled up in their career, they have the “host meeting” option to select while at work, which boosts performance. These sims also have the option to boost morale and offer bonuses at their company. Professional Businessperson sims also can discuss business strategies with other sims. Like ambitious sims, these sims get very tense if they’re unemployed.

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