February is finally here, time has flown by. Every month that passes for every game in the NBA 2k series I look at how they update the overall rating. Especially when it comes to rookies as they are the future of the NBA and I really want to know how the developers have rated them. Here is a Top 15 of Rookie Ratings in NBA 2k23:

NBA 2K23

15. Andrew Nembhard, PG, Indiana Pacers (January’s Overall 75) – February Overall: 75

No change with Nembhard’s, like January it was 75 overall. However, with how he has been playing I do expect his overall to increase. He’s been a very reliable player for a mediocre Indiana Pacers squad and should get better as time passes. For a 2nd round pick that starts out as a 70 overall player, I think it is safe to say he’s having a great season.

14. Jeremy Sochan, PF, San Antonio Spurs (January’s Overall 72) – February Overall: 75

Sochan has been pretty decent in the NBA averaging 11 points per game. However, he has shown flashes that he could be something with more development. Go back and watch the Spurs game against the Phoenix Suns on January 28th where Sochan scored 30 points, got 8 rebounds, and made 5 assists.

There is still work to be done with his development, but he definitely earned getting his overall player rating up by 3. He continues to show why he was the 9th overall pick and I could see his overall rising with him getting more minutes.

13. Dyson Daniels, SG, New Orleans Pelicans (January Overall 74) – February Overall: 75

I think Daniels is a solid player and has shown flashes but this rating is a bit of a headscratcher. I mean he is a solid swingman for the Pelicans, but he needs work with his shooting. His strongest benefit to the team is getting rebounds.

The thing that puzzles me is that the developers decided to increase his overall rating. I was expecting his rating to drop as he is dealing with an ankle injury and still is today. I think in time Daniels will develop, but this rating should be at 72 or 73 right now.

12. Shaedon Sharpe, SG, Portland Trail Blazers (January Overall 75) – February Overall: 75

Sharpe has shown moments of brilliance in certain games, but in others, he has been nonexistent. A very up-and-down rookie year for Sharpe. Even though he was a lottery pick, Sharpe has a lot more development left to go. I think it’s a fair overall to give to Sharpe, but one nitpick is that the overall should be at 74.

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11. Tari Eason, SF/PF, Houston Rockets (January Overall: 77) – February Overall: 77

Eason’s overall not changing is a surprise. For a mid 1st Round pick, there is a lot to like about Eason. Yes, his shooting is inconsistent, but he is an athletic player and has potential.

My nitpick with his overall is focused on his rebounds as I am shocked it is not above 80 in that category. The rebounds are where his benefit has helped the Rockets this season. Besides that, I don’t mind his overall.

10. Jalen Williams, SG, Oklahoma City Thunder (January Overall: 76) February Overall: 77

No question that Williams overall had to increase as he had a great performance in the month of January. You can truly make an argument that Williams is their 2nd or 3rd best player on the team. If it was me I would have raised his overall rating to 78 or 79, but that is a minor nitpick.

9. Jabari Smith, PF, Houston Rockets (January Overall: 77) – February Overall: 77

I am a bit shocked that Smith’s overall did not increase last month considering how well he played. In January he still played well, but his overall should have been at around 78 to 79 overall right now.

Smith has been a solid player for the Rockets and I like what I am seeing from him. I think he will be a great player long term.

8. Chet Holmgren, PF/C, Oklahoma City Thunder (January’s Overall 77) – February Overall: (Overall: 77)

I like Chet Holmgren and I think he is a player of the future for the Oklahoma City Thunder if he heals from his injury, but 77 overall is a bit high. Especially when he suffered the Lisfranc injury he should be at 75 to 72 overall range as that kind of injury is very tough to come back from.

I understand why 2k did it, as Holmgren was the 2nd overall pick in the draft, but looking at him now with the injury his rating should be lower in the update.

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7. A.J. Griffin, SF, Atlanta Hawks (January Overall: 77) – February Overall: 78

The Atlanta Hawks should count themselves lucky that they got another nice young piece in AJ Griffin. However, he has not been that great in the Month of December. I would have kept his overall rating at 77.

It’s honestly a bit stunning to see the developers raise his rating. I like Griffin long-term, but I would like to see him perform as he did in Early to Mid December.

6. Jaden Ivey, PG/SG, Detroit Pistons (January Overall: 78) – February Overall: 78

I’m still a little confused as to why Ivey dropped from a 79 to 78 overall rating a few months ago. He was super consistent in January and continued to play well in December. Ivey has been an excellent player on a bad Detroit Pistons team. There still is work to be done on his development, but I like what I’m seeing from his performance.

5. Keegan Murray, SF/PF, Sacramento Kings (January Overall: 77) February Overall: 78

Murray definitely deserves his overall increasing and he’s one of the young pieces to an exciting Sacramento Kings team. Murray is a great shooter and is starting to develop well when it comes to getting rebounds.

I really like where the Kings are right now and Murray has contributed to the team being much better than in previous years. His overall should definitely increase if he keeps improving.

4. Walker Kessler, C, Utah Jazz (January Overall: 77) – February Overall: 80

For me, Kessler has been the most surprising rookie in the NBA today. I was intrigued with him when the draft hit and I still am today as he is super talented. He is the king of rebounds in this draft class and that’s not a joke.

He’s averaging 9.5 rebounds a game which is really good. His best performance was against the Minnesota Timberwolves as he scored 20 points and got 21 rebounds. He has a lot of double-doubles. I’m glad they upgraded his overall by 3 points, it’s absolutely well-deserved.

3. Jalen Duren, PF/C, Detroit Pistons (January Overall: 79) – February Overall: 80

Fun Fact: my favorite basketball team in the NBA is the Charlotte Hornets

I’m still annoyed that this team decided to select Duren, but trade him to Detroit for multiple 2nd round picks. I’m a Mark Williams fan and I hope he develops, but Duren is clearly the better player.

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Duren has looked like a piece of the future in Detroit and is getting better. Imagine how he would’ve looked if Cade Cunningham was able to play this season.

2. Bennedict Mathurin, SG/SF, Indiana Pacers (January’s Overall: 80) – February Overall: 80

I’m shocked that Mathurin did not get his overall increased for February as he’s a big bright spot on a young Pacers team. While the Pacers are in a slump, Mathurin has overall played better the more games he plays.

Mathurin has been such a great player coming off the bench that there is a chance he could be the rookie of the year. He is going to get more minutes this month as well and if his overall rating does not go up, then something is not fitting the program.

1. Paolo Banchero, PF, Orlando Magic (January’s Overall 84) – February Overall: 84

No question about who’s in the number 1 spot. It’s the guy who went 1st overall in the 2022 NFL Draft. Banchero has been well advertised and if he keeps developing along with playing well, he will be the franchise face of the Orlando Magic. The more he plays well, the higher his player rating will be. I definitely think his rating will go above 85 overall at the end of the season.


So those are the ratings for the rookies starting February. Overall, I love how NBA 2K23 does these updates on players and it’s intriguing with the decisions they make with rookies especially. I can’t wait to continue playing this game with the updated roster. Do you agree with these rookie ratings? If not, whose rating should go up or down?

NBA 2K23 is available on PC, Xbox One/Series X|S, PlayStation 4/5, and Nintendo Switch.

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