Lightsabers are cool. I think every Star Wars fan can agree with that.  Even if the Jedi wielder isn’t very well liked, some people can’t deny they have some cool lightsabers.  They’re unique as each Padawan builds their own after they reach a point in their training.   Each hilt has a unique style and personality that can reflect some aspects of its wielder.  For this list, we’re ranking the top 10 Jedi just based on their lightsabers.  If we were to go into all the Jedi’s history and backstories, we’d be here forever. So, let’s keep it simple.

10. Gungi

Gungi and his lightsaber

Gungi is an adorable Wookiee Jedi Padawan who trained during the era of the Clone Wars.  Fortunately, he survives Order 66 and continues to act as a Jedi during the time of the Galactic Empire.  Gungi’s lightsaber is unique in that it was constructed out of the wood of a Brylark tree.  The wood of the tree is known to be as strong as metal.  Gungi’s lightsaber nicely reflects his home planet of Kashyyyk.

9. Cal Kestis

Cal Kestis with his lightsaber

Cal Kestis is the main character in the Jedi: Fallen Order and Jedi: Survivor video games. He’s one of the few Jedi who survived the purge.  Cal’s lightsaber is quite special in that it is a combination of his previous master’s lightsaber (Jaro Tapal) and that of Cere Junda’s.  While Cere isn’t Cal’s master, she acts like one when he finally comes out of hiding.  There’s a lot of emotional weight to his lightsaber and it stands out.

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8. Galen Marek

Galen Marek's twin sabers

Galen Marek, otherwise known as Starkiller, is the main character in the Force Unleashed games.  When Darth Vader found him on his home planet of Kashyyyk, he recognized that Galen had immense aptitude in the force.  As a result, he took him in as his secret apprentice.  Why is he on this list if he was on the Dark Side?  Well, he did eventually change sides.  That’s enough reason for me to put him on the list.  Like Ahsoka Tano, he wields two lightsabers and uses a reverse grip.  His design is simple, but his sabers look amazing when he wields them.

7. Revan

Revan and his purple saber

So, for people who have played Knights of the Old Republic, you’re probably thinking, “Why did you put Revan on this list?  He’s Darth Revan!”  Well, he was a Jedi first and became a Jedi again after all the bad stuff he did.  He redeemed himself and I just couldn’t help but put him on the list.  His intimidating hilt mixed with the purple blade makes a beautiful weapon.  Any Old Republic fan who sees this lightsaber knows who it belongs to.

6. Dagan Gera

Dagan Gera with his lightsaber

Again, I know this seems like cheating but hear me out.  Yes, Dagan Gera went to the Dark Side.  Yes, Dagan was a pain in Cal’s neck in Jedi: Survivor.  But you can’t deny that his lightsaber, mixed with the iconic gold accents the High Republic is known for, is gorgeous.  He’s a fallen Jedi, so he still counts in my book at least.  Don’t come for me.

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5. Satele Shan

Satele Shan showing off her saber

Fans of the Old Republic know exactly who this woman is.  She’s a descendant of legendary Jedi Knights Revan and Bastila Shan and was the Jedi Order’s Grand Master during that time.  So, this lady was a force to be reckoned with.   Satele’s lightsaber has these beautiful, curved patterns etched into the hilt.  It stands out from other lightsabers.

4. Tyvokka

Tyvokka with his yellow lightsaber

We have another unique character to add to the list and it’s the Wookiee Jedi Master Tyvokka.  He was Plo Koon’s master (the Kel Dor who fought in the Clone Wars and was on the Jedi Council).  Tyvokka was an excellent Jedi that a lot of people looked up to.  Like Gungi, his lightsaber hilt has a wooden appearance but is slightly curved.  That coupled with the gold blade makes it a majestic lightsaber.

3. Lord Corvax

Lord Corvax and his exposed Cyber crystal blade

This character isn’t seen much in the Star Wars universe.  He first appeared in Vader Immortal: A Star Wars VR Series that was developed by ILMxLAB.  When he was killed in battle, his wife attempted to bring him back to life using a Mustafarian artifact known as the Bright Star.  By doing so, however, his wife causes the planet Mustafar to turn into the wasteland we’ve seen portrayed in the films.  Lord Corvax’s lightsaber is ancient looking and has its Kyber crystal exposed.  A unique and interesting weapon.

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2. Stellan Gios

Stellan Gios with his lightsaber

We have another High Republic Jedi on the list: Jedi Master Stellan Gios, who also happens to be one of my favorite Jedi of the High Republic.  He was a powerhouse in the Jedi Order, and was considered a legend.  His lightsaber is a crossguard with a beautiful blue blade.  But the cool thing is that the crossguard was collapsible, so it also has a normal form.

1. Luke Skywalker

Lukę Slywalker and his second lightsaber

It would be a sin to not include Luke Skywalker on this list.  But instead of going with his original lightsaber, it’s his second one that caught my eye.  After losing his first one, he discovers an old temple site dating back to the High Republic.  There is where he picks up the yellow lightsaber.  It’s quite beautiful.

There’s our top 10 Jedi based on how cool their lightsaber is.  I won’t lie, this list was hard to make and narrow down. Do you have a favorite that’s not on this list?  A Jedi who should be ranked higher?  If you want more Star Wars, click here.

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