Three years after the initial drop of the PlayStation 5 and we’re already due for an upgrade. According to Insider Gaming, Sony is most likely developing a new PlayStation 5 Pro which should be available to the public towards the end of 2024, though it has not been confirmed as of yet. We can assume the new version of the PlayStation 5 will take after the PlayStation 4 Pro, which ultimately was a slightly higher-tech version of the original.

The main features that pushed this new development would be an overall better visual experience, although there is still much to be had with the original PlayStation 5. Also, the Pro would have better specs and ray tracing than its predecessor which will also increase the gaming performance.

Based on this knowledge and the likelihood of Sony going through with their projected plans, was this the best move to come out with an upgrade this soon or should they have spread it out a bit more? What are your thoughts?

The PlayStation 5 was released on November 12, 2020. The PlayStation 5 Pro does not have a set release date yet.

Source: GameSpot


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