It has been a considerable amount of time since the release of Walking Dead: Destinies. It has been a tremendously disappointing game, somehow worse than the Walking Dead: Survival Instinct that came out 11 years ago. Did you know there was another game in The Walking Dead series that was released and was an even bigger mess and disappointment? That game is called The Walking Dead: Betrayal, and oh boy, it was an absolute cluster mess. So, What was this game and why is it a Disasterpiece, well lets dive into this.

What was The Walking Dead Betrayal?

The Walking Dead: Betrayal is a multiplayer game where up to eight survivors are trying to fend off the undead. In this game the group is Out of resources and players have to work together to overcome the herd of walkers and escape. This game was going to be playable on PC via Steam and it was going to cost 19.99 to buy it.

Too Similar with other games and often given the label of cheap

The Official Announcement Trailer for this game, revealed at Comic Con 2023, garnered a mix of reviews, leaning mostly towards the negative side. Commonly used terms to describe it included “similar” and “cheap.” The game seemed too reminiscent of other titles on Steam, with the additional element of a zombie outbreak. Given the already saturated market for zombie video games, combining it with another popular aspect of gaming proved to be a recipe for disaster.

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Moreover, the game suffered from an appearance of cheapness. Certain graphics and moments showcased in the trailer had a cheesy quality to them, failing to resonate with the gaming community and hindering its appeal in the marketplace.

The Audience was super low

A major problem with this game was the remarkably low interest and lack of an audience. Its marketing and advertising were executed poorly, leaving potential players confused about the game’s premise. Adding to the woes, the beta testing was inadequately conducted. The average player count plummeted to single-digit numbers on Steam Charts, Just look at the photo above, it was a clear alarming outcome considering the game carried The Walking Dead brand. Not to mention, the game suffered from subpar graphics and messy gameplay, further contributing to its overall failure.

Not even Three Months in release, the game is shut down

In an unexpected turn of events, Skybound Games announced the delisting of The Walking Dead: Betrayal from Steam on December 1, with complete shutdown slated for December 15. Remarkably, the game faced such a rapid decline that it was abandoned and shut down not even three months after its initial release.

This quick demise is even more striking when compared to the fate of Walking Dead: Destinies, which, despite its issues, managed to persist in the public domain for a full three months. The magnitude of the game’s failure was underscored by the necessity to issue full refunds to those who had purchased it.

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At this point, AMC and other video game companies should consider shelving the idea of creating another video game based on The Walking Dead series. A successful Walking Dead game isn’t really essential considering the abundance of zombie-themed games already available. Telltale’s one good Walking Dead game stands out, but the video game industry is saturated with countless zombie games, making it challenging for a new one to make an impact. AMC might need to rethink the idea of integrating the show’s characters into video games, as it may not have the same success as it did before.

Walking Dead Destinies is available to play digitally now on PC, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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