With the 2023 Game Awards in the books, we can say there were some nice surprises as far as those who won awards and the announcements for upcoming games. We all certainly have our personal favorites, but it can be tricky to keep tabs on all the announcements and which ones made bigger impacts than others.

Thanks to Fancensus, we have a good understanding of what were the top 10 biggest announcements of the evening. For as fun as it would be to list them all, let’s take a deeper look at the Top 10 listing for this year’s Game Awards and see what we have to look forward to as these range as far as 2025 and as close as this week.

10) Dave The Diver: Dredge

While there was a slight discrepancy between Dave The Diver and its status as an Indie game, that doesn’t take away the spectacular game it is. With a focus on deep-sea exploration, while managing a sushi restaurant at night, players couldn’t get enough of Dave’s adventures. So much so that Dave The Diver is getting DLC in the form of Dredge.

While some may think that this could be just a fancy title name for the DLC, Dredge is another indie game that also came out three months before Dave the Diver and has a similar plot (albeit this is less helping a sushi restaurant stay afloat and more of exploring a mysterious archipelago and savaging while dealing with rather dangerous threats living under the sea). If you are looking for more aquatic fun, Dredge is certainly a title to consider.

So if you have two indie games that deal with life out at sea, might as well have the two collab with each other and have Dave deal with the underwater life that The Fisherman has to deal with in his game. It will have a new weather event known as “Fog” and will allow Dave to go fishing at night to catch aberrations (and later serve them up to the Hooded Figures we see in the trailer).

Fans of both games were rather excited to see this crossover announcement and you can never go wrong with more content for a game you enjoy (something which we’ll certainly be talking about later in this list).

Dave the Diver: Drudge will be diving in on December 15th as free DLC.

8+9) Jet Set Radio & Crazy Taxi- Sega’s Resurgence

The next two entries are right next to each other, so it will make it much easier to talk about them together as Sega’s next big step into a new era. Leading up this this announcement, Sega was sending out cards and notices to both news outlets and influencers about “NEW ERA, NEW ENERGY.” It was difficult to say what exactly that meant, but with recent success for Sega between Sonic Frontiers Like a Dragon and Atlus’ flagship titles, Sega was ready to make their next big push. And what was it? The announcement of not just one game, but five.

While there are certainly fans of Shinobi, Golden Axe & Streets of Rage out there, the two games fans couldn’t stop talking about were Jet Set Radio & Crazy Taxi. Two games from the Dreamcast era (when the first game was Jet Grind Radio) seeing a new entry in their series after so many years of fans begging for a sequel.

Of course, we don’t know what the full extent of these remakes will be at this time and we don’t have a release window of when we will get our hands on these games. Still, many are holding out that this will be the start of a new era of Sega games (and there will indeed be more after this; so fans of certain games like Virtua Fighter are holding out hopes that they are next).

7) Jurassic Park Survival

While we got another high-end horror title to talk about later, let’s turn our attention to a game that gave players a flashback to feeling… Isolation.

For those who did play a little title known as Alien Isolation, chances are you got some reminders of the time you got to play hide and seek with the Xenomorph. Well, it would seem as though the dinosaurs want a piece of that pie as we have this lovely title all about the namesake: Survival.

Set a day after Dr. Grant and everyone else left Isla Nublar, it would seem that not everyone got off the island. We will be following InGen scientist Dr. Maya Joshi as she tries to figure out how she can get off the island without becoming the next meal to some raptors, a T-Rex or some other random creature that’s roaming the island.

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As you can imagine, Jurassic Park Survival is looking to scratch that itch so many people have wanted to scratch for almost a decade now. We got plenty of other titles in between that time (and the Outlast series certainly does a wonderful job in showcasing how to do these kinds of games right), but this is the game so many people have wanted for a long time. Not just to gun down dinosaurs, but to feel like someone who has to survive some of the deadliest creatures that ever walk the earth.

No date is set on when we will get to spend some quality time with the dinosaurs. Be on the lookout until then though. They can be rather clever.

6) Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II

It has been about four years since we first got the official reveal for Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II. During that time, we have not seen much from Ninja Theory outside of in-game cinematics and footage. Yes, we were seeing progress on the game, but it did leave fans wanting to see more than just small snippets of the game a year (especially if what was shown off had no combat attached to it). This year however, we finally got the things people have been waiting a long time for; including a release window.

Between the live performance of Heilung (an experimental folk band out of Demark, Norway) and the trailer, there was certainly plenty to take in. If you were someone who did enjoy Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice, the sequel looks like it will be continuing that streak as Senua continues her brutal journal of survival through the Viking Iceland. Will she be able to overcome the darkness within and without?

We are still ways out from the release of Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II, but it is set to release in 2024. And if you have not had the chance to play the original yet, Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice is currently available on Xbox Game Pass, as well as PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

5) Monster Hunter Wilds

With the 20th anniversary of Monster Hunter coming up in 2024, fans of the series were eagerly awaiting an announcement. How exactly will Capcom celebrate one of their biggest series? So many were holding out that before the year closed out, we would get an announcement, and as the final announcement of the evening, hunters got their wish granted.

A fun fact: Capcom’s top-selling game of all time is Monster Hunter World with an astounding 19.1 million sales (followed by Monster Hunter Rise at 13.6 million). A lot can be said about Wilds as some have declared it to be the sequel to World while veterans of the series have indeed declared it “Monster Hunter 6.” Rise is still a great game, but after the graphical upgrade World had and its overall performance, so many have been eagerly awaiting that next generation of hunting on current-generation consoles.

From the trailer, we do have quite a bit to decipher between the seemingly open area (as opposed to the zones the series is known for). To go with that, there are also dynamic weather conditions, our new companion that can run and fly, the possibility of having two weapons useable in one hunt. What can all of this mean? There are plenty in the community already combing through the trailer with a fine comb, but we certainly have a lot to look forward to.

The only caveat to the announcement was how Wilds will be arriving in 2025; a year AFTER the anniversary celebration. Of course, we could argue they will stretch out the celebration long enough for Wilds to release, but fans of the series are already ready and waiting for 2024 to wrap up.

4) Exodus

Out of the ten games on this list, Exodus is the trickiest one to talk about. While you can tie in the other games to long running series, or those who are making the game, Exodus has… Matthew McConaughey. Alright. Can’t go wrong with him as he did introduce Exodus at the 2023 Game Awards.

For those unaware, the developers behind the game, Archetype Entertainment, consists of Ex-Bioware members who did work on the Mass Effect series, so that’s a positive sign to consider. To go with that, their Parent Company is Wizards of the Coast (WotC), who right now is currently celebrating another video game under them for becoming the 2023 Game Awards Game of the Year: Baldur’s Gate 3 (developed and Published by Larian Studios).

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While this may not mean much to Exodus, part of me would like to think that WotC, would want to see that success in video games continue. So much so that even fans of Mass Effect are already excited to see what Archetype Entertainment can cook up. With this emotional trailer, the game is already developing some momentum as it pushes forward. Will Exodus be able to live up to the expectations set for it? Hopefully so, as everyone is wishing for a successful launch for Exodus.

As a quick side note: Exodus is running a campaign right now where you can become a Founder. This will include an EXODUS Aegis Space suit, a patch that shows you as an early Founder and other random benefits (such as the ability to submit questions to the Studio Founders on the game itself).

3) Marvel’s Blade

The current landscape of Marvel games has left many scratching their heads in figuring out what exactly the future will hold. While Guardians of the Galaxy and Marvel’s Avengers didn’t hit their mark, the Marvel’s Spider-Man series has seen its fair share of success as a PlayStation exclusive. And with Marvel’s Wolverine currently in production over at Insomniac, many had pondered if Insomniac was going to become the “Official Studio” of Marvel games. Even at the 2023 Game Awards, many people thought we were going to get that Wolverine trailer.

And as it so happens, we did get a Marvel Game Trailer. But not the one we expected. In fact, it came from the last place people thought you would see a Marvel game come from: Bethesda.

From the studio that brought us Dishonored and Deathloop, Arkane Lyon, and Bethesda announced that they are working on “Marvel’s Blade.” Set in the heart of Paris, this single-player, third-person game will follow the legendary Daywalker himself as Eric Brooks does what he does best. I guess Bethesda will get a second shot at a vampire game after Redfall.

Now the curious thing about the announcement of Marvel’s Blade is how the game itself has yet to announce what platforms it will be on. We don’t have a release window either (could come after Marvel’s Wolverine), but with Bethesda under Microsoft’s umbrella, many are speculating if the game could be a console exclusive like what Spider-Man is to PlayStation. There has been no word on that yet officially at this time, but Blade certainly got people talking.

Fun Fact: Blade’s last video game came out in September 2002 on PlayStation 2 and the original Xbox. This man is long overdue for a proper game and let’s hope Arkane Lyon can deliver.

2) God Of War: Ragnarok- Valhalla

While we might not have seen too many announcements from Sony, there’s no arguing that (outside of #1 on this list), the announcement of God of War: Ragnarok getting DLC in the form of Valhalla got people excited about diving back into the Norse mythology. Although there may be more to it than that.

Set after the events of the main game, Kratos travels to Valhalla in a “deeply personal and reflective journey towards a future he never thought possible.” If you were someone who wanted to enjoy more of the combat of Ragnarok, you are going to be eating well as this will toss Kratos into the thick of it as he will have to contend with new elements in this roguelite mode.

And if you were paying close attention, there was a cyclops. This opens the door into so many possibilities as we might not only have the usual enemies we were fighting off from the base game, but we could very well see Greek monsters as well. And to top it all off, this will also be free DLC content that hit the game a week later. This was a perfect storm for an announcement and something that gives God of War players a reason to dive back into the game again. Definitely was the talk of the evening.

Or it was until we got to Number 1.

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1) OD

So where do we start with explaining this one? And what is everyone’s obsession with the hungry purple dinosaur that ate the kind, zingy fox, the jabbering crab, and the mad whale and started vending and quacking? Well, we are talking about Hideo Kojima here, so you know things are about to get surreal rather fast…

Also according to some people online, the sentence is a “Phonetic Pangram” that “uses all the sounds or Phonemes in the English Language.” Meanwhile, others did point out references to a certain canceled Silent Hill project Kojima was a part of: PT. Speculations certainly abounded with this trailer, but many were taken by the showcase of the face rigging and the seemingly hyper realistic faces of our actors. Kojima certainly knows how to get people talking.

Everything about OD‘s announcement leaves so many questions. All we know for sure is that Kojima is calling this a “New Style of Game; a new form of media.” A game that is for all the players and screamers. Yeah, we probably could have connected the dots that this is a horror game; especially if during the Game Awards, we saw that Jordan Peele will be assisting Kojima on this fun little endeavor. And to top it all off, this is a game currently under the development and partnership of Xbox Cloud Gaming.

With all that said, who knows when we will get more details on OD and what to expect out of it. After all, Kojima’s focus is currently on Death Stranding 2, but with so many questions this trailer raised (and how much attention was given to this game in comparison to seemingly anything else in the show), it goes without saying why this was the most talked about title at the 2023 Game Awards.


This is a chart to show the most talked about games at the 2023 game awards

While we had plenty of big announcements during the 2023 Game Awards, these were the most talked about titles of the evening. Chances are that if did watch the show, OD taking the top spot likely would not be a shock due to how much time was given to Kojima’s upcoming title alongside with the implications it may have. The same can be said for Marvel’s Blade for being an unexpected announcement and what that could mean for the future of Marvel titles. But then you have the free Rougelite mode for God of War: Ragnarok which shows that fans definitely were excited about more God of War content.

Overall, this does seem like a fairly nice split between announcements for both existing and new IPs. The future of Gaming is looking bright and we are already having our sights set on not just next year’s releases but 2025 and beyond. For now, the 2023 Game Awards is in the books and we can reflect on how this show was probably their best one yet. Not perfect, but it is slowly getting there. There’s plenty more to say, but I’ll just wrap it up here. Thank you for reading.

What are your thoughts?

Which announcement was your favorite? Do you feel like there was a game that didn’t get the attention it deserved? What games are you looking forward to in the next year or so? And did you enjoy the 2023 Game Awards?

Personally, I was kind of bummed that Final Fantasy XVI’s DLC flew under the radar. Kind of nice to have two expansions with one that shadow dropped same day, and it was a fun little experience. And speaking of Final Fantasy, the live performance of Rebirth‘s theme was rather nice to watch too (although I’m not sure if they spoiled quite a bit there too or not).

Leave your thoughts down below and be sure to follow us here at Strangely Awesome for more on the gaming world and what it will have to offer in 2024 and beyond.

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