Starfield’s leveling system may seem daunting, as there are 82 skills to choose from. Luckily, I have the guide for you. The following skills are (for the most part) from the first tier of their respective skill trees. Here are five skills I recommend leveling up first.

5. Security

While many doors are already unlocked, and containers are free to peruse, others can only be unlocked with a Digipick. While you can deal with Novice locks without putting an upgrade into the Security skill, each upgrade is needed to deal with advanced and master locks. You will also increase the amount of auto attempts you can perform as well as other perks.

Starfield Skill Tree

4. Medicine

As combat in Starfield is inevitable, you most likely use healing items often. Putting points into the Medicine Skill from the Science Skill Tree increases the health regained from Med Packs, Trauma Packs, and Emergency Kits by +10% and +10% Faster per skill upgrade. The fifth and final upgrade increases health gained by 50% and 50% faster, while also giving a chance to cure an infliction.

3. Targeting Control Systems

Putting Skill points into the Targeting Control Systems perk from the Tech Skill Tree opens the possibility to target a specific part of a ship during combat. You can think of it like the VATS system from the Fallout series. As a bonus, unlocking the Piloting Skill at Rank 2 will help control your ship. Investing in further skill points will make getting better vessels easier.

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2. Boost Pack Training

Traveling with a Boostpack is an essential aspect of Starfield, as it will vastly improve your mobility in and out of combat. Leveling up the Boost Pack Training skill in the Tech skill tree will increase fuel regeneration and reduce the amount you use per jump.

1. Persuasion

Persuasion is the most important skill for roleplaying, as you can completely avoid some fights or force a quest-giver into rewarding you VIA the power of words. The game’s persuasion system is a minigame in which you will select the right choice to pass a speech check. The objective of a speech check is to fill in the “persuasion” bar at the bottom left corner of the screen. Each response is numbered by how likely or unlikely you will be successful and how many bars you will fill. +1 is the most likely, while +5 is the least. While passing speech checks are doable on their own, Increasing the Persuasion skill will increase the chance of completing the persuasion check by 10% to 50%.    

Now that you have your skill set situation, make sure to be on the lookout for some of the best weapons you can find in Starfield.

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