This is a very special week for fans of NHL 24. Why you ask, well it is because it’s ratings week. For the next few articles I will be give the Top 10 overall rating rankings in NHL 24. To start off I will go through the left wingers in this game and then keep going with every position. So, lets get into the list of the Top 10 Left Winger Overall Ratings in NHL 24.

10. Kyle Connor (Winnipeg Jets) – Overall 89

Out of all the teams heading into the 2023 NHL Season, I really don’t know what to think about the Winnipeg Jets. What I do know is that Kyler Connor is a very great player for the Jets. Last season he scored 31 goals and 49 assists which are solid stats. He is the future for a Winnipeg Jets team who surprised me making the NHL Playoffs. He deserves this rating.

9. Johnny Gaudreau (Columbus Blue Jackets) – Overall 89

Even though Gaudreau is entering his second year with the team, it still is surprising that Johnny Hockey is a Columbus Blue Jacket. I always thought that he was going to be a part of the Calgary Flames for his entire career or play with the New York Islanders. He has still produced well for Columbus and he should be 90 overall. I am a bit perplexed why he only got an 89 overall.

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8. Brady Tkachuk (Ottawa Senators) – Overall 89

The past few seasons have not been great for the Ottawa Senators. Not only in the brutal seasons, but there owner Eugene Melnyk stunningly passing away in 2022. A bright spot with the Senators is Brady Tkachuk as he has been a phenomenal draft pick who just had an 83 point season. The future is bright with Tkachuk.

7. Clayton Keller (Arizona Coyotes) – Overall 89

Say what you want about the Coyotes, you have to admit Clayton Keller is a bright spot on this team. He has shown that he can be a pillar on this organization with constant good years. If the Coyotes draft and develop well, then with Keller on the team should bring this team to success.

6. Brad Marchand (Boston Bruins) – Overall 91

It is going to be weird seeing the Bruins without David Krejci and Patrice Bergeron on this team. Luckily, Brad Marchand is playing for the Bruins as if he was to depart, the Bruins would be in so much trouble. There is a reason why he was named captain of the Bruins, succeeding Bergeron. It is absolutely deserved that he not only got the captain, but the high overall rating.

5. Alex Ovechkin (Washington Capitals) – Overall 91

Ovechkin maybe 38 years old and could suffer decline soon, he is still one of the greatest hockey players that I have ever seen play hockey. He is still the face of the Washington Capitals and honestly I hope he plays the rest of his career with this organization. It just would not feel right with him playing on another hockey team.

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4. Krill Kaprizov (Minnesota Wild) – Overall 92

I firmly believe that if Krill Kaprizov was not a Minnesota Wild, that they would have been a horrendous team. Especially with how there cap has been with the buyouts of Zach Parise and Ryan Suter. However Kaprizov has turned into the true face of the franchise and has been a phenomenal player for the Wild.

3. Jason Robertson (Dallas Stars) – Overall 92

Over Krill Kaprizov? I like Jason Robertson and he is a phenomenal player, but to me Kaprizov is so much better as a player. I am absolutely fine with his rating being in the 90’s as Robinson is one of the pieces to this Stars team.

2. Artemi Panarin (New York Rangers) – Overall 93

Panarin was a massive signing for the New York Rangers and he has become one of the main pillars on this squad. He absolutely deserves this high rating and to me he is the most talented left winger in the NHL today. While he was 8 points away from a 100 point season, he should have been the highest ranked left winger in my opinion.

1. Matthew Tkachuk (Florida Panthers) – Overall 94

I believe that Artemi Panarin is the best Left Winger in the NHL today, but I don’t mind Tkachuk having a higher rating, Mainly because Tkachuk was phenomenal during the playoffs, until he suffered an injury during the Stanley Cup Finals Series against the Vegas Golden Knights. Tkachuk has been one of the main pieces that have helped the Panthers get in a deep playoff run. I am fine with his rating being 94 overall, especially as he had an above 100 point season last year.

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So those are all of the left wingers that are in the Top 10 Overall Ranking in NHL 24. What do you guys think of these ratings? Who do you believe should be in the Top 10? Who are you excited to play as in this game? Let me know in the comment section and give the article a like as well.

NHL 24 will be available on October 6th, 2023 and will be playable on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S

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