This is a very special week for fans of NHL 24. Why you ask, well it is because it’s ratings week. For the next few articles I will be give the Top 10 overall rating rankings in NHL 24. I previously did one on Left Wingers and Right Wingers now lets take a look at the goaltenders in this game and then keep going with every position. So, lets get into the list of the Top 10 Goaltenders in NHL 24.

10. Carter Hart (Philadelphia Flyers) – 87 Overall

Last season was one of Hart’s best in the league since that 2019-20 season. Statistically his GAA was 2.94, save percentage of .907, and a record of 22-23-10. Hart is 25 years old, but there is a lot to be excited with how he has been the past few seasons. Hopefully he keeps playing well and can be a part of the Flyers in the long term on yet another rebuild.

9. Thatcher Demko (Vancouver Canucks) – 87 Overall

I have said in previous articles writing about the Top 10 ratings on ever position, I have hated what the Vancouver Canucks have been doing the past few years. I am still annoyed with how they handled the Bruce Boudreau saga, which is a tremendous black eye for Vancouver. I like Thatcher Demko a lot, but I think he is a little high compared to other ratings. He had a down season with a GAA of 3.16, Save % of .901, and a record of 14-14-4 all of which are career lows through Demko’s major league career.

8. Frederik Andersen (Carolina Hurricanes) – 88 Overall

Andersen maybe turning 35 years old in October, but Andersen has done a solid job in his role with the Hurricanes. Last season he has a 2.48 GAA, a save % if .903, and a record of 21-11-1. In the playoffs he actually led the league with a 1.83 GAA. While the Hurricanes did not advance to the conference finals, Andersen did all he could for the team and he deserves this rating.

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7. Juuse Saros (Nashville Predators) – 89 Overall

Saros replaced long time goaltender Pekka Rinne for the full time starting role. But, he has done a phenomenal job behind the net. Saros yet again had a great season statistically with a 2.69 GAA, .919 Saving %, and a record 33-23-7. Saros deserves his rating, but why did he miss being in the 90 overall range in this game?

6. Jake Oettinger (Dallas Stars) – 90 Overall

It took a bit of time, but Oettinger finally showcased his level of talent. Last season he had a GAA of 2.37, save % of .919, and a record of 37-11-11. Now I do think that he is a little higher then I expected when reading his rating, but I don’t complexly mind it. Hopefully, Oettinger can continue to play well for the Dallas Stars.

5. Linus Ullmark (Boston Bruins) – 90 Overall

With the season Linus Ullmark had last year, nobody should complain about him having a 90 overall rating. I mean he legit was a main reason why the Bruins had the record that they had as he started most of the games this season for them. He has a 1.89 GAA, .938 save percentage, and a record of 40-6-1. He even won the 2023 Vezina Trophy. I just wish that he had performed this well when he was a Buffalo Saber.

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4. Connor Hellebuyck (Winnipeg Jets) – 91 Overall

No debate here with this rating, Statically he had a strong season with a 2.49 GAA, Saving % of .920, and a record of 37-25-2. What really has this rating making sense is that Hellebuyck was named a Vezina Trophy finalist as well last season. He did not win it because Linus Ullmark was on one of the best regular season teams I have ever seen. Anyone who is a finalist for that Trophy must be in the 90 overall range and luckily NHL 24 did it.

3. Igor Shesterkin (New York Rangers) – 92 Overall

One of my favorite goaltenders in the NHL today. Not only as he is one of the best statistical goalies in the league, but he is playing for my favorite NHL Team. My only nitpick is that Shesterkin’s rating is not the same as Vasilevskiy. Maybe its because I have so much bias with being a Rangers fan, but you can’t ignore that this overall rating is well deserved.

2. Ilya Sorokin (New York Islanders) – 92 Overall

Sorokin the past two seasons has developed into a dependable and consistent starting goaltender for the Islanders. Last season he had yet another strong hockey season with a GAA of 2.34, Save % of .924, and a record of 31-22-7. Sorokin also was a finalist for the 2023 Vezina Trophy as well. has had a great season and its kind of cool as a New Yorker that both starting goalies of the Islanders and Rangers have the same overall rating.

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1. Andrei Vasilevskiy (Tampa Bay Lightning) – 93 Overall

Now in my opinion there are only two options that make sense getting the top 1st goaltender spot. One is Igor Shesterkin and the other is Andrei Vasilevsky. Vasilesky is agreed to be one of the top goaltenders in the league and still is a fantastic player in the net. I hope Vasilevsky will be 100% healthy when he recovers from his back injury and performs like he usually does. Back injuries are no joke, whatsoever and I wish him a speedy recovery.

So those are all of the center that are in the Top 10 Overall Ranking. What do you guys think of these ratings? Who do you believe should be in the Top 10? Who are you excited to play as in this game? Let me know in the comment section and give the article a like as well.

NHL 24 will be available on October 6th, 2023 and will be playable on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S

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