Madden 24 Ratings Week is here, and the game’s player ratings are being released. Like I said in the Top Safeties and Top Cornerbacks entries, while many people focus on offensive ratings for players, it’s equally important to observe the evaluations of defensive players. Therefore, I will be delving into the defensive ratings in the game, with this one focused on the defensive ends in the league, to identify the Top 10 Overall defensive ends in Madden 24, according to EA Sports.

10. Trey Hendrickson, Cincinnati Bengals, Overall 87

Hendrickson has proven to be a significant asset to this Cincinnati Defense. While he may not have been as exceptional as he was last year, Hendrickson still played very well last season. He provided a ton of pressure to the quarterback and made significant contributions to the team. He deserves to be rated 87 overall in this year’s game

9. Cameron Jordan, New Orleans Saints, Overall 87

Cameron Jordan may be 34 years old, but he still has plenty left in the tank. Once again, Jordan was a solid part of the Saints’ defense. I just wish the Saints would have won a Super Bowl when Drew Brees was the QB, as I really want Jordan to get a ring before he retires

8. Jeffery Simmons, Tennessee Titans, Overall 89

Uhhh Madden, you do realize that Jeffery Simmons mainly played as a defensive tackle right. I mean he did play pass rusher due to the Titans being plagued with injuries, but he is strictly a defensive tackle. i don’t understand what they are doing here. His rating is fine, but the position they labeled him as is a headscratcher.

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7. Demarcus Lawrence, Dallas Cowboys, Overall 90

Lawrence being at a 90 overall rating is pretty fair, especially as he had career bests in tackles and is a very effective part of the Cowboys Defense. Lawrence does a phenomenal job providing pressure to the quarterback, and when healthy, he is a force to be reckoned with.

6. Cameron Hayward, Pittsburgh Steelers, Overall 93

The Pittsburgh Steelers defense has some notable players who helped the team overachieve last season. The two names often getting a ton of credit are Minkah Fitzpatrick and TJ Watt. Another name that really holds up the defensive line is Cameron Heyward. While Heyward mainly plays as a defensive tackle, his snaps are split 50/50 as he sometimes lines up as a pass rusher. A 93 rating is a fair one to give him.

5. Von Miller, Buffalo Bills, Overall 94

No complaints here. When healthy, Von Miller is an important piece of any defense. I wonder how he will perform coming off a torn ACL at the age of 34. He has come back from previous injuries, but sometimes, the older you get, the harder it is to fully recover from injuries. I hope he can play well, as Von Miller is a fantastic player

4. Micah Parsons, Dallas Cowboys, Overall 97

Okay lets get the obvious out of the way. Why the hell is Micah Parsons listed as a DE/EDGE when he plays the linebacker position? I mean did whoever come up with these ratings even try to look at the film of Parsons. Does he line up as a Pass Rusher, on occasion, but he mainly plays linebacker and the fact that this game lists him as a Defensive end is absolutely ridiculous. I am fine with the Overall, but not with the position that he was labeled as.

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3. Nick Bosa, San Francisco 49ers, Overall 98

I shake my head here as Bosa should have been in the 99 Club this year. He is the Defensive Player of the Year and is the most important player on the 49ers defense. Bosa had a career-best 18.5 sacks, which actually led the NFL. He deserves a higher rating, and I don’t know what he did to not get in the 99 Club via this game

2. Myles Garrett, Cleveland Browns, Overall 98

It’s frustrating when players like Myles Garrett have an outstanding season and come so close to reaching the 99 overall rating but fall just short by one overall rating. His performance last year was undoubtedly impressive, with career-best numbers and recognition as a Pro Bowler.

1. Aaron Donald, Los Angeles Rams, Overall 99

Madden 24 Aaron Donald

Look, I get why they gave him the 99 rating as he is legit one of the best defensive players that I have ever seen in a long time, but he should not have gotten the 99 rating in Madden 24. Compared to other seasons Donald did not have a strong season as he had 5 sacks, 2 pass deflections, 49 tackles, and a fumble. He also suffered an ankle injury as well that took him out of a few games. To me Donald should not have gotten the 99 rating

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So that is the ranking of the Top 10 Defensive End Overall rating in Madden 24. Do you agree with the ratings given? Let me know in the comment section who you believe should be in the Top 10 Overall Rated Defensive Ends in this game.

Madden 24 is available August 24 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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