This is a very special week for fans of NHL 24. Why you ask, well it is because it’s ratings week. For the next few articles I will be give the Top 10 overall rating rankings in NHL 24. I previously did one on Left Wingers and Right Wingers, but now lets take a look at the Defenseman in this game and then keep going with every position. So, lets get into the list of the Top 10 DefensemEn in NHL 24.

10. Quinn Hughes (Vancouver Canucks) – 90 Overall

I have not been a fan of how the Vancouver Canucks have operated during the past few years. Especially with how they handled Bruce Boudreau, a big black eye to the organization. One of the few bright spots for the organization is how Quinn Hughes has developed and performed. He is even the team captain, and if that does not show how important he is to the team, I don’t know what is.

9. Dougie Hamilton (New Jersey Devils) – 90 Overall

Dougie Hamilton deserves to get in the 90 range, as he had a career year last season. He finished last season with 74 points, 22 goals, and 52 assists. The Devils’ defense got better the past few seasons with Hamilton on the roster, and he is well worth the money the Devils spent to get him.

8. John Carlson (Washington Capitals) – 90 Overall

This is a bit surprising that Carlson is still in the 90 overall rating range in this game. Especially as he missed a chunk of last season due to a face injury. When healthy Carlson is a great player an I hope he plays like he did before he got hurt, but with how bad that face injury was he should be in the high 80’s overall range.

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7. Ramsus Dahlin (Buffalo Sabers) – 91 Overall

The Sabers are one of my two favorite teams in the NHL. When the Sabers won the 2018 NHL Draft Lottery by getting the 1st overall pick, I was excited. Especially as I was a big Ramsus Dahlin fan and everybody knew that he was going to be taken 1st. The Sabers got him and this pick has really panned out as Dahlin has become a leader not only with this defense, but with the team. Last season Dahlin had career best with 15 goals and 58 assists (73 points). Dahlin deserves this rating.

6. Erik Karlsson (Pittsburgh Penguins) – 91 Overall

A few years ago, there was a part of me that thought Karlsson’s career was over with the San Jose Sharks. With the amount of injuries that he had, it was not looking good, but he had a career resurgence and he played well. It is going to be weird seeing him play as a Penguin, but I think it will be a great addition, if he can stay healthy.

5. Charlie McAvoy (Boston Bruins) – 92 Overall

A bit surprising that McAvoy was ranked over Dahlin and Karlsson. I think the real reason that he has a higher overall rating is because of how the Bruins were dominate in the regular season. He is a clear leader in the locker room and he shown how talented he has been for the squad.

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4. Adam Fox (New York Rangers) – 92 Overall

The Rangers lucked themselves into getting Fox from the Hurricanes, but man he has been a fantastic defenseman for this team. The past two seasons he has has back to back 70 point and 60 assist seasons for the team. An argument can be made where Fox should have a higher overall rating.

3. Victor Hedman (Tampa Bay Lightning) – 93 Overall

I’m surprised that the developers gave Hedman a higher rating then Adam Fox. Maybe I am nitpicking because I am a Rangers fan, but I get why because Hedman is an important part of the Lighting team and there dynasty. Hedman had 49 points, 9 goals and 40 assists last season. The stats were down compared to last year, but he was playing hurt most of the season. He still deserves to be rated in the 90’s in NHL 24.

2. Roman Josi (Nashville Predators) – 94 Overall

Its kind of surprise seeing Josi being ranked as the 2nd highest overall rated defenseman in this game. Especially as his statistical performance did decline. Here is a fun fact, it terms of every overall player in the league, Josi is ranked as the 6th highest overall player in the game which is just too high. This is a headscratcher for me, but hey good for Josi getting this high of a rating in the game.

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1. Cale Makar (Colorado Avalanche) – 95 Overall

I believe that whoever is on the cover of the video game should be the highest rated player in the game or at least there position group. Now we all know Makar was not going to have a higher overall rating then Connor McDavid of the Edmonton Oilers. Luckily he is the highest rated defenseman in this game and nobody in my opinion should complain about it being too high. He is the cover athlete of the game and he deserves this honor.

So those are all of the defenseman that are in the Top 10 Overall Ranking. What do you guys think of these ratings? Who do you believe should be in the Top 10? Who are you excited to play as in this game? Let me know in the comment section and give the article a like as well.

NHL 24 will be available on October 6th, 2023 and will be playable on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S

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