This is a very special week for fans of NHL 24. Why you ask, well it is because it’s ratings week. For the next few articles I will be give the Top 10 overall rating rankings in NHL 24. I previously did one on Left Wingers and Right Wingers now lets take a look at the centers in this game and then keep going with every position. So, lets get into the list of the Top 10 Centers in NHL 24.

10. Tage Thompson (Buffalo Sabers) – 91 Overall

In the NHL I am a fan of two teams. One of those teams are the New York Rangers and the other team is the Buffalo Sabers. Tage Thompson is one of my favorite players that is on the Sabers right now and is one of the main young pieces to this young Sabers squad. He deserves to be a 91 overall player in this game.

9. Jack Hughes (New Jersey Devis) – 91 Overall

It took a little bit of time, but Jack Hughes has truly developed into a phenomenal hockey player for the New Jersey Devils. Last year he had career best 99 point season where he scored 43 goals and made 56 assists. I really like the direct the Devils are going and hopefully he can keep continuing to perform like he did last season.

8. Brayden Point (Tampa Bay Lightning) – 92 Overall

Point is coming of a career year with the Tampa Bay Lightning last season. He had a 95 point season where he scored 51 goals and even made 44 assists. Point has become a main piece of this Lightning roster and while he maybe turning 28 in March, he should be a solid player for many years to come.

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7. Aleksander Barkov (Florida Panthers) – 92 Overall

The Florida Panthers were a team that surprised many making the 2023 Stanley Cup. While Barkov struggled in the playoffs, mainly because he played due to an injury he did a solid job for the team last season. In the regular season he had 23 goals and 55 assists (78 goals). I do wonder how the Panthers would have been had players like Barkov stayed healthy.

6. Elias Pettersson (Vancouver Canucks) – 92 Overall

I am going to say the same thing in my The Top 10 Defenseman in NHL 24 article, I myself have not been a fan with how the Vancouver Canucks have been operating during the past few years. I have not been a fan of there moves and actions through the past few years. There have been a few bright spots on the Canucks and Pettersson is one of them. Especially with last season being a career high for him as he had a 102 point season scoring 39 goals and making 63 assists. He absolutely deserves this high overall rating.

5. Auston Matthews (Toronto Maple Leafs) – 93 Overall

Matthews is one of the key players on the Toronto Maple Leafs, who are entering the season with numerous question marks. Once again, he had a strong season, tallying 80 points with 40 goals and 45 assists. It’s fair to say that Matthews deserves his 93 overall rating in this game.

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4. Sidney Crosby (Pittsburgh Penguins) – 93 Overall

Crosby maybe 36 years old, but it impresses me how Crosby has continued to play like he is in his 20’s. Last season in 82 games he had 93 points, where he scored 33 goals and even made 60 assists as well. It is going to be cool seeing Crosby and Karlsson play with each other on the same team.

3. Nathan MacKinnon (Colorado Avalanche) – 95 Overall

Drafting MacKinnon 1st Overall in the 2013 NHL Draft was a true changing point for the Colorado Avalanche. First off, that was 10 years ago, dang the time flies so fast. Second, MacKinnon has been one of the main pieces that has resulted in Avalanche having strong teams. This year was his first having above 100 points as he had 111 points by scoring 42 times and making 69 assists. He deserves this rating a lot.

2. Leon Draisaitl (Edmonton Oilers) – 95 Overall

No question here as Draisaitl is the best hockey player in the league not named Connor McDavid. The scarry part with Draisaitl is that he keeps getting better. Last season he has 128 points where he scored 52 goals and 76 assists. He is one of the two elite players on the Edmonton Oilers and the other one has a higher rating.

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1. Connor McDavid (Edmonton Oilers) – 97 Overall

McDavid is the best hockey player on the planet and it is not even close. McDavid has a 153 point season last year, which is just insane. He also had 64 goals and 89 assists as well. There is nobody better than McDavid and he along side Draisaitl have carried the Oilers for many long years. Its just a shame that there talents are being wasted by the Oilers who are the NHL’s version of the Los Angeles Angels. He absolutely deserves his 97 overall rating in this game and I would not even complain if he is a 99 Overall player either.

So those are all of the center that are in the Top 10 Overall Ranking. What do you guys think of these ratings? Who do you believe should be in the Top 10? Who are you excited to play as in this game? Let me know in the comment section and give the article a like as well.

NHL 24 will be available on October 6th, 2023 and will be playable on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S

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