For those who are excited for the release of Bethesda’s new game, Starfield — which makes sense, because it’s the first open-world space game we’ve seen from them—there’s good news and bad news. The good news is that you can get your hands on the game early, not just through pre-order, but if you buy the Constellation Edition. This will allow you to get ahold of it five days before its official release. The bad news is that there is no bad news, so all the apprehension you’ve been feeling about hearing the bad news was for nothing.

What’s in the Starfield Constellation Edition?

starfield title

The Starfield Constellation Edition is named after the spacefaring program in the lore of the game itself, the one the player character will presumably be a part of. This is a rather clever name for a space agency when you think about it, given that constellations are the things that connect the stars in the sky.

There’s more good news and bad news. Bad news first this time: Everything that comes with the Constellation Edition doesn’t ship until the day you gain access to the game. The good new is that the Constellation Edition does come with extra items! In addition to the game itself, you’ll also get the Starfield Watch and a great case to hold it in, as well as a Constellation patch and a variety of cool digital content as well, including the Shattered Space story expansion (I’ll be honest, I have no idea what that means, but it sounds cool!), the Constellation skin pack, the digital art book, and the soundtrack!

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All that and you get to play the game five days early.

The Constellation Edition is available on Amazon, for the Xbox or PC.

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